This One Was Going to Be a 'Milk Run' (Offline Mission)

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"This One Was Going to Be a 'Milk Run'" is an offline mission package created by Baumer.


Gilze Rijen, Holland, August 19, 1943.

This was a mission flown by the 303rd Bomb Group during the summer of 1943. What started out as a simple "Milk Run" turned into a very bad mission for the 303rd. Due to haze and poor decisions by the lead bombardier the group attacked the German airfield at Gilze Rijen without any escort.


The package contains two missions:

  • 303rdBG 19 Aug 43 (Allied)
  • Jg26 19 Aug 43 (Axis)


Download links

Installation instructions

  • Terrain: install the bob04 terrain, if you don't already have it.
  • Mission file (in the mission zip): the gilze rijen holland 19 aug 43.mis file goes into your C:/Program Files/HTC/Aces High II/offmiss folder.
  • As with any offline mission, run Aces High, choose the terrain first (bob04), then go to Offline Practice and select Practice Missions. You will then see the missions available, with various options.

Arena settings

  • Time: 16:15
  • Time multiplier: 1
  • FogVisibilityMiles: 10 miles

Important note

There's a bug with the first schwarm of Jg26. You can fly in any other schwarm and the mission will run properly.

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