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'''Squad:''' [[%28%2B%29_Precision|(+) Precision]]
'''Squad:''' [[%28%2B%29_Precision|(+) Precision]]
'''Favorite Fighters:''' [[N1K2-J]], [[Ki-84-la]], [[F6F-5]], [[P-51D]]  
'''Favorite Fighters:''' [[Tempest Mk V]], [[Ki-84-la]], [[F6F-5]], [[P-51D]]  
'''Favorite Bombers:''' [[B17-G]], [[A-20G]]
'''Favorite Bombers:''' [[B17-G]], [[A-20G]]

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Call sign : Floatsup

Squadron  : (+)_Precision


Country: Knights

Squad: (+) Precision

Favorite Fighters: Tempest Mk V, Ki-84-la, F6F-5, P-51D

Favorite Bombers: B17-G, A-20G

Favorite GV's: Tiger or Ostwind (Ostwind is much classier, IMO than that bastage WEOREBELEWINDZ)

Favorite way to irritate: field guns, cv guns.. 13500 AGL is sometimes not high enough for me to pop a bomber or two from a soft gun. Killing entire formations of bombers flying at 10000 MSL outside of icon range with 5" guns from a ship. Towering out a second before bomb impact in an ostie on concrete when someone tries to bomb vehicles instead of killing hangars at a vehicle base.

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: Kill airplanes in flight with a shore battery. Chased an AFK-in-autoclimb 190A8 6 or 7 sectors off map WITH a 190A8, until he ran out of gas at ~33000 MSL, where I killed him, and flew all the way back home on 6 minutes of fuel, landing safely.

Equipment: I play on a $500 Dell Vostro 1500 laptop (core2-duo 1.2ghz/2gig/nvidia 8400gs = steady 59 fps with high-res pack at 1024x768) and a cheap Logitech "extreme 3d pro" joystick which I replace every few months.