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Call sign : Floatsup

Squadron  : (+)_Precision


Country: Knights

Squad: (+) Precision

Favorite Fighters: Tempest Mk V, Typhoon Mk I, Spitfire Mk XIV, P-51D

Favorite Bombers: B17-G, B-26B

Favorite GV's: Tiger or Wirbelwind

Favorite way to irritate: Running Mishuns

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: Went with a squadie on this stupid trip User:Kvuo75 as he said "Chased an AFK-in-autoclimb 190A8 6 or 7 sectors off map WITH a 190A8, until he ran out of gas at ~33000 MSL, where I killed him, and flew all the way back home on 6 minutes of fuel, landing safely". I went back after 4 sectors. Sad part is still find myself chasing buffs to 30k.

Equipment: I play on a Intel Core Duo 2.8 gig, 1 gig Ram, with an older video card a 6600 NVidia. Thankfully after all the patches able to play. :) I also use 3 joysticks.

  • Joysticks
    • CH Combatstick
    Primary Stick, I use the hat switch for head positions/views, primary and secondary weapons. Weapon Select, Brakes, and the all Friggin Important Check SIX.
    • Saitek 290
    Secondary Stick, Use this for Control Surfaces, WEP, Throttle. In Modes 2-4 I use the hat for zoom, otherwise its manual trim.
    • Saitek Avaitor
    Auxilliary Stick, Love the toggle switches. I use all modes in the game, and it gives me 2 more throttles, which in bomber mode I use all of them for changing RPMS, or throttle setups for 4 engine planes. The Big toggle switch I use for Auto-fire, when in 8" Guns shelling your town. The red flip switch I use for bailing. Unfortunately I still use that button.


Been into Gaming for quite awhile, started off in the Pong Days. Got into this one about 2006. A friend of mine turned me onto it at work, when I asked him he if he was feeling alright. He replied, yeah I stayed up all night playing this stupid game. I quickly found out how damn addictive it was, been hooked ever since. I really enjoy the fact that everythign hinges on everyone and not computer controlled. Other then the laser factory ack.


Lost everything in Katrina a few years back. Now I live in on the Jersey Shore, with just me and my wife.