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This article is about the Player with the callsign flubby

Personal Data

  • Year of Birth: 1965
  • Gender: male
  • Country: Germany
  • City: Aachen
  • Occupation: Chemical Engineer
  • Interests: My wife and my children, Computer, Aces High

Pilot Data

  • Callsign: flubby
  • Squad: PARROTS
  • Prefered Planes:Bf 109K-4, Spit VIII, Fw 190A-8
  • WarBirds since: 2001
  • AH since: 2007
  • System: PC
  • Prefered Joystick: Microsoft FFB2
  • Real Life Flight Experience: Passenger in a glider, a bell UHD and different buissnes jets

About flubby

It happened in my early days when i got my first computer a Commodore VC64. With this excellent piece of hardware i made my first steps into the world of flight simulation. Followed by an Amiga 2000 with turbo card. In all this years i have been dreaming of flying in a flight simulation against human opponents. In the year 2001 a dream come true. I started my career as warbirds pilot on the european warbirds server. 2003 i decided to found the PARROTS together with e-b-o- and dhyran and since winter 2005 our whole squad flew at the IEN server. Since October 2007 we switched to Aces High and have a lot of fun.

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