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This page is about the Player with the callsign Gaidin

Personal Data

  • Year of Birth: 1979
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: USA
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Douglas
  • Occupation: IT Support for a medium sized 2-year college
  • Interests: Family, Anything Electronic, Gaming, and having fun with all of the previous mentioned.

Pilot Data

  • Callsign: Gaidin
  • Squad: Clowns of Death (CoD)
  • Preferred Planes:Hurri IIC, P-47D-40,
  • AH since: 2006
  • AH CM Team since: 2007

About Gaidin

I grew up in South Georgia and North Alabama. After quitting high school, I got my GED and went to college. There I met my wife and then joined the military shortly after we married. Spent most of the next decade deployed to various locations all over the world. After my second combat tour in Iraq, and injuries to my back and knees, I was put out on a medical discharge. I started playing AHII after seeing the commercial on the Military Channel one night. Really enjoyed it and starting having some fun. Got involved with CoD and FSO. Decided after close to a year that I wanted to help out with the events, so I applied to be a CM.

I started out running Snapshots and really enjoyed that. What I really wanted to do, was FSO. I was given the opportunity to do setups for FSO, and that is what I am currently doing. I am also in the process of developing an FSO of my own.

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