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<S> Impakt
S Impakt

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Impakt, aka Impact and Mark was born (1961---arghh) and raised in San Francisco and now lives on the sleepy Eastern Shore of Maryland. He is married to a lovely woman from Guyana and has 3 children. He is interested in philosophy, fly fishing, golf, history, and--yes-- Ace's High. I flew Warbirds from its start (minus maybe 6 months) until 1999(handles: Jahgyd, and Biggus) and then started again 4 years ago with <<<PARROTS>>>. We have now moved to AH. It is a GREAT group of guys from all over the world! Favorite rides: P-40E, C-205, Yak 9-U, F4U 1-D, FM-2, Typhoon.

S Impakt