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'''Favorite way to irritate:''' Running Mishuns
'''Favorite way to irritate:''' Running Mishuns
'''Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game:''' Went with a squadie on this stupid trip [[User:Kvuo75]] as he said "Chased an AFK-in-autoclimb 190A8 6 or 7 sectors off map WITH a 190A8, until he ran out of gas at ~33000 MSL, where I killed him, and flew all the way back home on 6 minutes of fuel, landing safely". I went back after 4 sectors. Sad part is I still find myself chasing buffs to 30k. Also have been known to auger 262 frequently.
'''Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game:'''  
'''Equipment:''' I** CH Combatstick
*: Primary Stick, ==History==
'''Equipment:''' I play on a Intel Core Duo 2.8 gig, 1 gig Ram, with an older video card a 6600 NVidia. Thankfully after all the patches able to play. :) I also use 3 joysticks.
* ''Joysticks''
** CH Combatstick
*: Primary Stick, I use the hat switch for head positions/views, primary and secondary weapons. Weapon Select, Brakes, and the all Friggin Important Check SIX.
** Saitek 290
*: Secondary Stick, Use this for Control Surfaces, WEP, Throttle. In Modes 2-4 I use the hat for zoom, otherwise its manual trim.
** Saitek Avaitor
*: Auxilliary Stick, Love the toggle switches. I use all modes in the game, and it gives me 2 more throttles, which in bomber mode I use  all of them for changing RPMS, or throttle setups for 4 engine planes. The Big toggle switch I use for Auto-fire, when in 8" Guns shelling your town. The red flip switch I use for bailing. Unfortunately I still use that button.
The desk is an old sewing machine. Works great.
Been into Gaming for quite awhile, started off in the Pong Days. Got into this one about 2006. A friend of mine turned me onto it at work, when I asked him he if he was feeling alright. He replied, yeah I stayed up all night playing this stupid game. I quickly found out how damn addictive it was, been hooked ever since. I really enjoy the fact that everythign hinges on everyone and not computer controlled. Other then the laser factory ack.

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Call sign : Curnutte

Squadron : (+)_Precision

Website : www.Precisonsquad.org

Precision Avatar.gif


Country: Knights

Favorite Fighters: Tempest Mk V, Typhoon Mk I, Spitfire Mk XIV, P-51D

Favorite Bombers: B17-G, B-26B

Favorite GV's: Tiger or Wirbelwind

Favorite way to irritate: Running Mishuns

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game:

Equipment: I** CH Combatstick

  • Primary Stick, ==History==


When at work.jpg
    • Born in 68
    • Gender Prick
    • USA
    • Jersey Shore
    • Married
    • Used to very into Sailing till Hurricane Katrina destroyed it.
    • US Navy 1986-1992

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