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My name is Mike Teague, I'm 36 years old, and I live in Vancouver WA, USA. KVUO is the ICAO identifier for the airport I have done all my logged real-world flying from. (Pearson Field, Vancouver WA). And the 75 is the year I was born :)

I picked this name the day I first setup an account in AH2, not realizing how integral voice comms were in the game. So most people call me "kay-voo", "voo", "woo", "seventy-five", "kay-vee", "kay-vee-you-oh", or some other variation. I usually know when you're talking to me, and all are acceptable, since it is otherwise unpronouncable.


Country: Knights

Squad: (+) Precision

Favorite Fighters: N1K2-J, Ki-84-la, F6F-5

Favorite Bomber/Bombtarding/Ord-Porked GV Killer: B17-G, A-20G, IL-2

Favorite GV's: T-34/85, Tiger or Ostwind (Ostwind is much classier, IMO than that bastage WEOREBELEWINDZ)

Favorite way to generate channel 200 comments/PM's: field guns -- 13500 AGL is sometimes not high enough for me to pop a bomber or two from a soft gun. Panzers within visual range. I regularly kill maneuvering fighters at 2.0K yds, bombers or non-maneuvering targets at up to 4.5K yds with the 37mm manned field guns. I also make a habit of towering out a second before bomb impact in an ostie on concrete when someone tries to bomb vehicles instead of killing hangars at a vehicle base.


I'm a longtime flight simmmer, starting with Flight Simulator 2.0 for my Commodore 64 in 1984 at 9 yrs old. Aside from the WW1 part of FS2 I vaguely recall (flying over a grid, with mountains on 2 sides), my next combat sim was "Jet", which IIRC was a F18 or F16 simulator for the C64. I also vaguely can remember a game based upon a RAF Mosquito, which I also played on my C64 before the age of 12.

On my first MSDOS PC in 1994-1995 I was bigtime into Falcon 3.0, played a little bit of Air Warrior on a trial (compuserve, or genie? I forget), played the hell out of the free beta period of Confirmed Kill (later Warbirds) and Dawn of Aces but could not afford any of them at the time with the hourly charges, so pretty much stuck to the various incarnations of Microsoft Flight Simulator for several years (including being very involed with SATCO/VATSIM [1] throughout the late 90's- early 2000's). I dabbled in Falcon 4.0 when it first was released. I rediscovered the WW2 massive multiplayer combat flight sim genre just a few years ago with AH2.

I have been playing AH2 since tour 81 (October 2006).

And now it's my main hobby.. hahahahah! I LOVE THIS FRIGGIN' GAME

And, I still suck! (in WWI also)!

More Tidbits??

  • knows and has used in practice (in VATSIM) the entire FAAO 7110.65 [2] (air traffic control's "bible")
  • same with the AIM [3], but not so much the FAR's. [4] -- however I still always buy a copy every few yrs or so.