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Personal Data

Year of Birth: 1991

Gender: Male

Country: United States of America

City: Throop

Interests: Video Games, Aces High, Music, Playing Drums and Keyboard, Anime/Manga.

Pilot Data

Callsign: Latrobe

Squad: Claim Jumpers

Prefered Planes: Spitfire, Bf-109, P-47, Fw-190

Online Flying Since: 2006

Setup: Saitek X52 controller, CH Pedals, Track IR

About Latrobe

Yes, the callsign did come from Latrobe, PA. Though I do not live there. When I first signed up for Aces High II, I wanted to pick a good name right from the start. I noticed my fathers Rolling Rock bottle on the table (I was 14 at the time, so it wasn't mine ;D ), and I saw "Latrobe" on it. I have not once thought about changing it since. After my 2 week free trial was up, I was taken in by the ~Gruppe Outlaws~ who taught me everything I know. After the squad disbanded I flew solo for a while before I was kidnapped by the infamous "Racdogg". I enjoy flying with a group of fun guys who joke around rather than getting serious over everything, which is why I loved the Gruppe Outlaws and current squad Claim Jumpers. Outside of Aces High II I like to play many other games with my friends on PC or PS3. I always have music playing and play on drums and keyboard a bit. I also love to watch Anime and read Manga, and am working on writing a Manga and plan on starting a band soon. My dream is to one day become very successful with my band and writing Manga on the side. I hope that my music will be able to bring people together rather than fighting against each others all the time. I hope to have a house in Finland and Japan since I love these two countries so much.