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Call sign : WindyCty

Squadron : (+)_Precision

Website :

Precision Avatar.gif

Usually found in Late_War_Main_Arenas fly'n a dweeb ride.


Country: Knights

Favorite Fighters: P-51D, F6F Hellcat, Spitfire Mk XVI, P-38J

Favorite Bombers: B-17G, B-24J, B-25C

Favorite GV's: Sherman or T-34

Favorite way to irritate: Missions, Dive Bombing

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: Landing 7 victories in a PT Boat. Landing a B-17G on a CV, undamaged.

Equipment: .

  • Saitek AV8R Joystick
    Gateway P-6822 Laptop
    • Updated CPU 1.5 GHz, to 2.4 GHz DOU
    Updated RAM from 1GB to 4GB





    • Gender Male
    • USA
    • Chicago
    • Married
    • Used to very into Sailing till Hurricane Katrina destroyed it.

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