World War 2 Flight Simulator

For the players of Aces High, it isn’t just about playing a combat flight simulator.  Playing Aces High is also about taking part in a realistic replica of World War 2 and as such many of our players from around the world are history buffs who are as knowledgeable about the war as any you will find.

From time to time we like to toss in a little history lesson to give you something to read other than download requirements and forums on tactical maneuvers.  This is one of those articles.

When we are discussing World War II it is important to realize that the name is pretty darn accurate; this truly was a world war that was fought around the globe.  Mexico and South America seemed to be left unmarked by the war but few other locales can claim that.

Eastern Europe, Europe, North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, North America and Asia all saw battles fought and lives lost during World War II.  Millions of lives were lost, billions of dollars in damage and destruction unlike anything the world had ever seen were the legacies of this war.

We are nearly seventy years removed from World War 2 but to many parts of the world the effects of this war are still visible today; maybe that is why so many of our players are so knowledgeable about it.

Whatever the reason for their fascination, we at HiTech Creations have tried to make Aces High as realistic a combat flight simulator as possible.  Our goal from Day One was to make the best flight sim game on the market and to do that we have tried to make our planes, ground vehicles and boats as close to being replicas as possible. Our fighting arenas are life-like and the way each plane handles is as close to actual flying as you will get unless you actually climb into the cockpit of a real plane.

Our scenarios are based on actual events during the war, our volunteers all are students of the war and our attention to details are inspired by our desire to honor that war and the people who fought in it.

If any of this sounds like something you would like to try then we welcome you to try our free two-week download.  Be warned, though, that once you do you will most likely sign on and then start forgetting to do chores around the house.  Be prepared for the backlash once that happens, because Aces High is addictive to the extreme.

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