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Welcome to the WIKI home of the 47 Ronin.

The 47 Ronin" squadron is a group of individuals which exists for the purpose of operating as a cohesive fighting unit within the context of "Aces High 2", the online WW2 flight/combat simulator.We fly as "Rooks" in the "Late War Arena".

The main purpose of the squadron's existence is to allow pilots with a common vision of working together the opportunity to do so within an environment of camaraderie, friendship and esprit de corps.

We are primarily a fighter squadron, though the things we do together will to a large extent find us in "heavy" fighters, bombers, and very occasionally, ground vehicles. We fly both Axis and Allied aircraft.

One evening each week, we have a formal "Squad Night". These days it is held each Friday evening at 9PM Eastern U.S. time in the "Late War Arena".

In many instances, pilots will have varying schedules or interests which may preclude them from getting the chance to fly with their squadmates on a regular basis during the week. On "Squad Night", we try to get as many Ronin pilots as possible together to participate in a formal mission.

During the week, pilots are heartily encouraged to fly any and all types of planes or vehicles they please. There are not now, and will not ever be, any restrictions on what pilots fly or do during the week. It is anticipated however, that anytime two "47 Ronin" pilots are in the air that they will naturally wish to "wing" one another and work together in whatever goal they set for that sortie.

The bottom line for this squadron is good people, with a good sense of humor, who enjoy flying together, having fun, and enjoying ourselves.

For more information contact me in Aces High where I fly as "OddCAF" or in the Aces High forums, where I am "Oddball-CAF"

Or visit our web at http://www.the-47-ronin.org/