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The Real 4th Fighter Group[edit]

In World War II[edit]

The 4th Fighter Group had its beginnings in the Royal Air Force of Great Britain. In 1940, American volunteers, eager to join the war in Europe, enlisted in the British Royal Air Force. These Americans were formed into three Eagle Squadrons. When the United States entered the war, these units, and the American pilots, were transferred to the U.S. Army Air Forces, forming the 4th Fighter Group under the 8th Air Force on Sept. 12, 1942.


The 4th Fighter Group set records throughout the air war in Europe. The 334th, 335th, and 336th Fighter Squadrons dominated the skies above the European theater. Their P-51 Mustangs were continually chastised by Radio Berlin. The 4th set several records in air combat history. They were the first to use external fuel tanks, the first Mustangs over Berlin, the first to accomplish the England-to-Russia shuttle and the first to down jet fighters. Pilots of the 4th were credited with destroying 1,016 enemy aircraft, making the 4th the top fighter group in the European theater. Thirty-seven pilots became aces while flying with the 4th.

The 334th led its sister squadrons in air battle accomplishments against the German Luftwaffe, with 395 kills - 210 in the air and 185 on the ground. The 335th destroyed 262 enemy aircraft - 165 in the air and 97 on the ground. By the war's end, the 336th destroyed 358 aircraft - 175 in the air and 183 on the ground.

Many famous fighter pilots flew with the 4th Fighter Group. Donald Blakeslee, Duanne Beeson, “Kid” Hofer, Pierce McKennon, Don Gentile, John Godfrey, James Goodson, Fred Glover, and many others achieving ace status.

Post World War II[edit]

When the war ended in 1945, the 4th Fighter Group was sent home and deactivated. The 4th was reactivated early in 1948 under the pressures of the Cold War and flew the F-80 Shooting Star. On March 7, 1949, the 4th Fighter Group received the F-86 Sabre jet as its primary aircraft. In December 1950, the 4th Fighter Group became the first to take the F-86 to the Korean War. By war's end, 4th Fighter -Interceptor Wing pilots had destroyed 502 aircraft-54 percent of the total number of enemy aircraft destroyed. Twenty-four of the 38 aces from the war were assigned to the 4th.

In fact the Fourth continues to serve the United States, flying the F-15E Strike Eagle, and is currently based at Seymour Johnson AFB, near Goldsboro North Carolina.

Organization in World War II[edit]

The World War 2 Fourth Fighter Group was organized as follows,

4th Fighter Group

  • 334th Fighter Squadron - planes coded “QP”
  • 335th Fighter Squadron - planes coded “WD”
  • 336th Fighter Squadron - planes coded “VF”

Aircraft and Skins of the 4th Fighter Group[edit]

The 4th Fighter Group currently has quite a number of skins in the game which depict our aircraft. These include the following:

  • P-47D-11 WD C 335th FS
  • P-47D-11 QP B 336th FS
  • P-51B QP L 334th FS
  • P-51B QP J 334th FS
  • P-51B QP L 334th FS
  • P-51B VF T 336th FS
  • P-51D VF B 336th FS
  • P-51D QP A 334th FS

Squad Night[edit]

The 4th FG currently flies in strength on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with Sunday's being the official "Squad Night".


The 4th FG is currently not active in FSO's and has occasional participation in Scenarios. The 4th FG was the top scoring P-51 Group in the recent scenario Der Grosse Schlagg.

DGS 4FG.jpg

Joining the Squadron[edit]

The 4th FG is currently either fullup or nearly so. Any past members wishing to join up should contact Boozer, Dogfart, Swinny, Hammer, or FlyinFin in game. You can also PM any of us on the Aces High BBS system.