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Italy (Aces High II Terrain)[edit]

This terrain is being re-constructed. The existing version still works.[edit]

Terrain Details[edit]

Theater: Europe
Map size: 512
Weather: Default cloud system


The Italy stratmap

Strat Details[edit]

Vehicle fields:
Task Groups:
Strat Zones:
AAA Factories:
Radar Factories:
Troop Training Facilities:
Oil Refineries:
Ammo Factories:

Clipboard Map[edit]

The Italy clipboard map

Using CBM for making custom weather files[edit]

Save the .gif image. then open it in a photo editing program and save it as a
8bit 256 bit map

Construction Details[edit]

Terrain Builder[edit]

CM Terrain Team

Custom Objects[edit]

Reskinned Default Vehicle Textures[edit]

  • --
  • --

Easter Eggs[edit]

There are no known Easter Eggs on this terrain.

Known Bugs[edit]

External links[edit]

[1] Italian Campaign