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Welcome to the Kommando Nowotny Wiki. Kommando Nowotny is the premier Luftwaffe fighter squadron in Aces High. You will mainly find us in the Melee Arena and in Friday Squad Ops. We also fly in other events such as Scenarios, Target for Today, and Combat Challenge when possible.

In the Main Arena, we have no country allegiance and tend to fly on the low numbered side or wherever might provide the best fight.


Kommando Nowotny Aces High History

Kommando Nowotny WWII History

Historical Aircraft

Kommando Nowotny flew the Me 262 in WWII. In Aces High, Kommando Nowotny is primarily a Luftwaffe squadron and you will often see us in these aircraft, but occasionally we fly other aircraft if it fits the role.

Below is Devil5O5's in-game skin of Walter Nowotny's Me 262.

Nowi 262.png


Kommando Nowotny is always open to pilots who are enthusiastic about flying Luftwaffe and other Axis aircraft in the skies of Aces High. Feel free to seek out one of our members in the Melee Arena, Special Events Arenas, or on the Aces High BBS if you wish to wing up with us and inquire about joining.


The squadron's website is FlyKommando.com. This website contains various histories about the squadron, both virtual and during WWII. It also contains various skins and films created by members, as well as an up-to-date Roster for both the Melee Arena and Friday Squad Ops. Check us out today!