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Aces High II is supported in the Microsoft Windows® operating system from Windows XP onward. Windows 98 and ME are no longer supported.

Some players have managed to get AH2 working in a MacOS or Linux environment by using a Windows emulator or virtual environment and other tweaks.

Aces High 2 version 2.14 runs with the latest release of Ubuntu using Wine to emulate Windows

ubuntu website

wine website

To see how one user built a LINUX system for AH1 and AH2, with many video clips showing the step-by-step process, visit this web site:


As a note, some say you can't get AH2 to work with a medium to low end graphics card. It may be true if you have it overloaded with the absolutely highest graphics, and have your computer jammed full of pictures and games and stuff that eats up memory or something like that.

I, personally, play on a medium end computer with a medium low end graphics card and consistantly pull 35-60pfs (frams per second*). Technicaly its an "intigrated graphics chip". It is a GMA X4500HD, I have a 220gb hard drive and 3gb of ram with an intel dual core 2ghz processor.

Don't quote me on anything as I'm not an expert at this: You can get this game to work on a medium end computer. I don't know how far down the scale you can get and still play, but you don't need an alienware computer to play.

  • the number of frames per second displayed on your screen such as in games. If you have a higher frame rate (more fps) then you will have a better expierence. If you have a very low frame rate then you may notice some "jumping" where you are in one place, disapear for a veryshort time, and reappear very close to the previous point.