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This article is about the Player with the callsign borgoo

Personal Data[edit]

  • Year of Birth: 1969
  • Gender: male (i called Andrea in a anglo-saxon-german world can do some doubt)
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Borgonovo val Tidone (Piacenza)
  • Occupation: Geometra (that mean buildings technical, and a lot of other things)
  • Interests: History, Planes, Astronomy, Archery, Photography, computer and internet.

Pilot Data[edit]

  • Callsign: borgoo
  • Squad: PARROTS
  • Prefered Planes: BF109G/K, Spitfire, Tempest
  • WarBirds since: 2001
  • AH since: 2007
  • System: Windows XP
  • Prefered Joystick: Microsoft FFB2
  • Real Life Flight Experience: as passenger in commercial flight with planes and helicopter, as soldier in military low-flights in helicopters AB205 (1) and AB206 (many) in the NATO's Dragon Hammer '92.

About borgoo[edit]

Married, I have one son. The only "on-going" hobby that I have is to play with the Parrots. I really love Photography, but now I've no time for it.

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