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This article is about the Player with the callsign shuzon

Personal Data[edit]

  • Year of Birth: 1972
  • Gender: male
  • Country: Germany/Brazil
  • City: Freising/Bavaria, the home of worlds best Brewing University
  • Occupation: apprentice of live
  • Interests: Flying, Food, Beer, casual sex

Pilot Data[edit]

  • Callsign: shuzon (aka schu-u WB, redbul&schuhu WB)
  • Squad: PARROTS (ex squads: CO II.JG 70, JG70, Eurofalcons)
  • Prefered Planes: P-38, P-47, 190 and I hate Spits!
  • WarBirds since: 1997
  • AH since: 2007
  • System: a working one
  • Prefered Joystick: Microsoft FFB1
  • Real Life Flight Experience: PPL&IFR license 18 years ago

About shuzon[edit]

More to come.

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