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History in Sims[edit]

Flew AirWarrior long ago, but was cut short of online play due to his extremely young age. Started AH life as a Knight (primarily because I like Knights in Chess) and quickly was accepted with the RTC. After a 2 yr leave of absence, he came back and started flying again with the C-Hawks, home of the now defunct RTC.

About Me[edit]

I love flying bombers. I also enjoy flying fighters, but I don't quite have the skills to be competitive on a regular basis. I rarely land kills, often because I get too ambitious or I sacrifice my planes for the good of the Knights. I am often willing to fight wherever I can be of most use, so furballs are not my cup of tea.

Proudest Achievements[edit]

I can take a VH base down with 26s extremely reliably. I took one down and single handedly captured one once.