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Introduction The "Pigs On The Wing" is an Aces High II squadron, made up of 3 wings. It is named after the song from pink floyd called "Pigs On The Wing".

How the Pigs came to be

The "Pigs On The Wing" were created in June of 1999 by twitchy. It's a large group of virtual pilots who share a common interest in the having a good time playing Aces High II, We have no set squad night but you can generally find a Pigs On The Wing squad member or two up on most day and nights.

Where To Find Us

We fly mainly in the late war arenas. We are loyal to Knights, we do not switch to Bishops or Rooks. If there is a good fight going on, thats where you can find us. We have squad mates in pretty much every time zone, we also have members outside the US.

You can contact any one of the pigs if you are interested in becoming a pig

Pigs High Archy Pesident - twitchy / General - Syko / Leiutentant General - JoLLy

Voice Comms

We all tend to hang out on channel 189, so if you ever want to tag along that's where you can find us.


Every plane or Gv.