~~LuftWaffe~~ Attack Wing~~

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The ~~LuftWaffe Attack Wing~~ Was formed In Late Januray And has 3 Members With Many More coming. We are a Wing of the ~~LuftWaffe~~ With their CO as Falcon16. Sooner (Me) Formed the Attack Wing. We fly Rooks And Only rooks. We Are Mostly Ground Attackers in the MA with some Strafing Runs. Our Vox is 196 And the ~~Luftwaffe is vox 197.


We Are open for Any Pilots That Love German Aircraft and Can Kill GVs without any Help. You Must be At Least 15 and Have a AHII Account. Mics Are not Needed But Would be Better. Look for Sooner in the MAs And PM him for Details. *Each Recruit Gets A Chance to Have Formation, And Bf-110 Training*