What does Maximum Texture Size do? If you would like to watch a video concerning this topic, please visit our Youtube channel.If you pick a "Max Texture Size" that causes the game to fail on launch, then you simply need to navigate to the Aces High settings folder (default location C:\HiTech Creations\HTC\Aces High\settings) and remove the video8.cfg file. The next time you start Aces High, you will be brought back to this screen.

The maximum texture size effects the visual details of the textures applied to the objects in the game.

Unlike video resolution, which sharpens and reduces the jagged appearance of the edges of objects in the game, the texture size effects the details within the object itself.

Take note of the differences in the shots to the right using the various texture sizes in the game.

So why not default to 2048 texture sizes and not be worried about any other format?

First, some video cards simply do not support texture sizes this large. Secondly, the amount of video memory required to deal with 2048x2048 textures is high. Each 2048 texture takes 16MB of video RAM. Think about that for a minute.

The performance ramifications are significant due to the raw amount of data required for all the textures in a game. If the video cards ram gets exceeded and has to swap textures often. This is referred to as 'thrashing' and is manifested by stutters, pauses in the game, slow load times (the appearance of white objects), just to name a few

Take a look at the differences in 512 and 1024. You will see very little difference. These screen shots were done at 1024x768 resolution. In order to really have any benefit at using 1024 textures, you need to be running 1280x1024 resolution, at the minimum.
This gets us into the resource problem most systems will have as the higher the resolution, the more resources are consumed, then add higher detailed textures, and the resources are really used up at a horrific pace.

Generally speaking, you would need a video card, with more than 768MB of video RAM, to be able to use 2048 textures effectively, and only with anti-aliasing disabled as anti-aliasing can quadruple the amount of video ram needed for any given frame to be drawn.

128 128 x 128 texture size explanation on aces high flight sim game
256 256 x 256 texture size explanation and demonstration for aces high combat flight simulator
512 512 x 512 texture size illustration for aces high wwii flight simulator
1024 1024 x 1024 texture size illustration for aces high WW2 flight simulator

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Aces High takes the art and science of vintage WW1 and WW2 air combat and sets it in a high intensity online multiplayer environment.  Hundreds of players simultaneously battle it out against each other in massive aerial dogfights and bomber raids.  

High fidelity flight simulation is the heart of Aces High but it doesn't end there.  A war rages on the ground and at sea.  Engage enemy armor in tank combat.  Protect your fleet as a gunner or make a torpedo run in a PT boat.  Lead an assault in an amphibious vehicle.  With over 100 warbirds, vehicles, and boats available, you have access to a vast virtual arsenal.

Take part in special events such as historical scenarios where famous battles are recreated and reimagined or try your hand at air racing at tree top level against skilled competitors.

In the air, on land, and at sea, the battle rages 24 hours a day with participants from around the world.  Take our free two week trial and find out why Aces High is the online game for you.

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