WWII History

World War 2 Trivia is back, #490 to be exact, and we invite you to play along with us as we test your knowledge about World War 2.

QUESTION: At a meeting with Finland’s representatives on October 12, 1939, the Soviet Union made a demand. What was that demand?

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ANSWER: The Soviet Union demanded a military base near Helsinki during that October 12th meeting.

It can be a bit intimidating, playing a combat flight simulator like Aces High, for the first time. We understand. We are HiTech Creations, the makers of the exciting combat simulator Aces High, and for twenty years we have heard new players say they feel overwhelmed by it all.

With that in mind, we offer these tips for playing a combat flight simulator like Aces High. These tips are fairly generic in nature, so they should apply to Aces High or any other combat flight simulator on the market.

Let’s begin!

Take advantage of the free tutorials

Games like Aces High have, literally, hundreds of training films which are designed to teach you the game as quickly as possible. We know it’s tempting to dive right in and play the combat simulator, but we really suggest and encourage you to take advantage of the many training videos. That way you will feel more comfortable once you enter an actual combat arena.

Enter the forums and ask questions

Just like the training tutorials, the forums are there for you to ask your questions and to learn from experienced players and staff. That is the entire reason for the online forums and, trust us, no question is too dumb. We have forums on Aces High covering every possible aspect of the game. We’ve had twenty years to perfect our craft so, trust us, we’ve got you covered. Just click the forum link on our main webpage, find the topic you want to cover, enter the forum and ask your question. It’s that simple.

Master one aircraft at a time

Games like Aces High have dozens of aircraft for you to choose from. Each aircraft handles a bit differently, making for a very confusing experience if you are a newbie and you are trying different planes. Our suggestion: pick an aircraft and become comfortable flying that one aircraft before you move on to another. Becoming comfortable with an aircraft will increase your reaction times, and make you so much better in actual combat. We know it’s exciting when you first start out, and you want to try everything, but the best approach really is slow and steady while learning.

Give yourself permission to fail

You will fail at first. You will get shot out of the sky. You will lose missions. It’s all part of the learning process. It happens to everyone at first but, we promise you, you will improve quickly, and one day, shortly after signing on to Aces High, you will experience your first combat victory, and at that point all of the growing pains will have been worth it.

Practice, practice, and then practice again

Aces High offers a free two week download of Aces High for exactly this reason: we want to give you time to practice our game, get comfortable with our game, before you pay any money to continue playing our game. Only through practice can you become good at Aces High, or any other flight simulator. Only through practice can the learning pains go away, and only through practice will you become an accomplished player.


No, these are not specific tips, applicable to a specific game, but they are tips which will help any new player no matter which combat simulator he/she plays.

Welcome back to World War 2 Trivia. We have #488 in our continual series uploaded and ready for you to tackle, so let’s get to it.

QUESTION: On October 5, 1939, Latvia signed a ten-year Mutual Assistance Pact with the Soviet Union. What did the Soviet Union gain from this pact?

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ANSWER: The Soviet Union was allowed to have 25,000 men in military bases in Latvia because of the Mutual Assistance Pact.

If you are a student of World War 2, or just a history buff, or if you just like playing trivia, then World War 2 Trivia is for you. Welcome to Installment #489, brought to you by HiTech Creations, makers of Aces High, the thrilling World War 2 flight simulator.

QUESTION: On October 9, 1939, Germany issued Case Yellow orders. What was Case Yellow?

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ANSWER: Case Yellow were orders preparing for the invasion of Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, by Germany.

Yes, we are laying down the gauntlet with this article title. Playing combat simulator Aces High requires skill. It requires determination. And yes, it requires a competitive nature.

Do you have the right stuff? Let’s take a look at the attributes of our regular players, and you determine whether you can hold your own in competition against them.

Do you have outstanding reflexes?

Any combat game requires outstanding reflexes. You are called upon to fly your aircraft into battle, and to make split-second decisions; then you are required to act on those decisions in another split-second. For those who do react in time, the battle continues, and you will emerge the victor. For those who don’t have those reflexes, the battle ends and you feel the sting of defeat.

For those who feel they don’t have the necessary reflexes to play a combat flight simulator like Aces High, here’s the good news: your skills will improve dramatically if you put in the training time. That is why we offer a free two-week download of Aces High, so you can get some training in without paying for it.

Are you willing to put in the hours to become a better player?

You can play Aces High 24/7, and every single time you log on you will be in an arena with some of the best flight sim players in the world. If you are willing to suffer through some growing pains, and put in your time practicing, the rewards will arrive, and you will be hoisting the flag of victory sooner rather than later in our World War 2 flight simulator.

Are you willing to help other players?

Aces High prides itself on being team players. Through forums, through one-on-one instruction, through videos, and through articles, we all help each other. Does that sound like something you are willing to do, share your gaming expertise with others? Remember, the better the training, the better the competition will be, and that means more thrills for you.

Do you want to be part of a gaming community?

A great amount of what happens behind the scenes at HiTech Creations, makers of Aces High, is done by our devoted team of volunteers. Would you like to become an active member of a gaming community, and look on with pride as Aces High grows in stature in the gaming community? Would you like to know you were part of something great in gaming?

Can you play Aces High without those attributes?

Of course you can play Aces High without doing any of the above, but we seriously do not believe the experience will be as rich and rewarding. We’ve been doing this a very long time, and we know a thing or two about gaming.   Follow our lead and you will find the many rewards of playing Aces High.

A word about Aces High

Since 2000, going on twenty-one years, Aces High has led the way among combat simulators. In the gaming industry, twenty-one years is an eternity. Strap on your helmet and fly the skies of Aces High. Our game really is something special.