WWII History

Thank you for playing World War 2 Trivia. We’ve been posting this for quite some time, as this is #566 in our series, so we trust you are enjoying this mental challenge each week. Let’s see how you do with today’s challenging question.

QUESTION: On July 26, 1941, the U.S. seized all Japanese assets in the United States. This was in response to a military move made by the Japanese days earlier. What did the Japanese do to prompt this seizure by the U.S.?

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ANSWER: A few days before the seizure, the Japanese had invaded French Indochina.

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What you need in equipment to be competitive

The following items will get you started:

  • Computer and internet connection
  • Windows 7 or better operating system
  • 4 GB

It should be noted that these are an inherent part of any computer made since 2000, so it really is no problem for 99% of computer-owners.

Items which will make your online experience more rewarding:

  • Joystick
  • Headphones
  • Microphone

Again, most gamers already have these items but, if you do not own them, they are readily available online and relatively inexpensive.

What skills you need

Aces High really was created with the beginner in mind. If you have a brain for strategy, and physical dexterity/coordination, you have the basic physical skills needed to participate in an Aces High battle.

How long before you are competitive?

As with any skill, learning to be good at Aces High flight sim game is a matter of repetition and practice. The more you play, the faster you will learn. Having said that, we have also made, at your disposal, a number of ways for you to learn faster. We have a team of staff and volunteers who are available to answer questions. We have, literally, hundreds of videos if you are a visual learner. We have articles by the hundreds, and we have an online forum where any question can be asked, and any question can be answered, around the clock.

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World War 2 Trivia #564 is here, and you are invited to test your knowledge in answering it.

QUESTION: On June 4, 1941, the U.S., using its MAGIC intercepts, finds out that Japan plans to attack what portion of the Pacific Theater?

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ANSWER: The plans discovered by the U.S. said that Japan planned on invading South East Asia that summer.

Consider World War 2 Trivia as your mental workout each week, arriving every Tuesday and Thursday to keep your mind in shape. We invite you to play along today, with World War 2 Trivia #565.

QUESTION: On July 9, 1941, Vitebsk is captured by the Germans. Vitebsk is considered to be the “gateway to Moscow,” and thus has great military importance. By what name does Vitebsk go by in 2022?

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ANSWER: Vitebsk today is called Belarus, and is still of military importance to Russia.

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What is King of the Hill?

Surely you played King of the Hill as a kid.  We would play it in the summer on a large mound of dirt, and we would play it in the winter on a large mound of snow.  Everyone playing pushed and shoved each other from the top of the hill, and the last one standing on the hill was the King of the Hill.  It was rousing good fun.  Oh sure, sometimes it got a little out of hand. I recall quite a few times finishing the game with scrapes and bruises, but despite those minor scratches, which we just considered badges of honor, it was fantastic fun.

The King of the Hill Aces High style

Now, take that childhood memory, and apply it to an online game of Last Man Standing using fighter jets in a World War 2 arena.  King of the Hill is the airplane equivalent of a cage match. A group of players, all in the same planes, all in the same area, fight it out until only one is left. The winner picks the next plane, and all is repeated until someone wins three rounds. It is the mother of all furballs, where no one is your friend. Of course, no one is anyone else's friend, either, so there is balance. It is a wild, frenetic event that will get your pulse pounding and put a grin on your face -- unless you are the first one shot down, then it's grudge time!

Loads of fun!

How much skill do you need?

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Other special events offered by Aces High

King of the Hill isn’t the only special event we offer during any given month. We also offer large-scale battles, called Scenarios, which stretch out over a few weeks, and we also have Friday Squad Operations, which are like Scenarios only smaller and a new operation occurs each Friday.

The final word about Aces High

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