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Aces High, our exciting, challenging combat simulator, is an MMO game, meaning you are playing against anyone else, around the world, who have logged on at the same time.

At any given time, you can be playing against players from India, the UK, France, Taiwan, or Jamaica.

Or, you can play against yourself, or a group of your buddies in your hometown.

You control the action with Aces High, and you control the competition.

Sign up some of your friends, put together a squadron, and take on the world with Aces High, the flight sim game which has been delivering the action since 2000.

Don’t look now, but there are still two months of winter remaining in 2023, and it is our contention that our exciting combat simulator, Aces High, is the perfect way to pass the time while Winter does its worst over the land.

Two more months of cold temperatures.

Two more months of rain and snow.

Two more months of strong winds.

Two more months of you getting wet, and you being miserable, as you run your errands and do your chores.

Don’t you think you deserve a break?

What is Aces High?

Aces High is an exciting MMO game, meaning that once you log on, you will have access to players from around the world, and they will be your direct, real-time competition while playing our combat simulator.

Your other option is to play by yourself, against the computer game itself, or form your own squadron of friends and play your own private game.

What does Aces High cost?

The cost of Aces High has, remarkably, stayed the same for years. For only $14.95 per month, you have full access to our flight sim game, and full-access means 24/7, every single day of the year.

Stop, for a moment, and think about the value that entails. If you play just once per day, say for one hour per day, it will only cost you fifty cents per hour for gaming entertainment. Play two hours per day and you are experiencing gaming entertainment for a quarter per session.

Where else can you be entertained for a quarter?

How quickly can you learn to play Aces High?

We hear this question all the time. People are afraid to commit their money, only to find out the game is too complicated for them to learn. We understand, and that is why we offer a free two-week download of our World War 2 flight simulator, no credit card required. During that two-week period, you have complete access to the game, to the forums, to the training, and to the videos. It is our contention that, during those two weeks, you will be able to learn the game and become proficient at it. However, if it turns out we are wrong, that you still have difficulty with the game, or you simply don’t like playing it, you can end your two-week trial period and be done with it, no money spent at all. No harm, no foul, as they say in pro basketball.

How likely is it that you will enjoy playing Aces High?

Let’s put it this way: people have been playing our flight sim game for twenty-three years now, and Aces High has remained one of the leaders among all of the combat flight simulators for that long. That kind of longevity, in a highly-competitive industry, can only happen if the product is of high quality, and Aces High is, most definitely, a high quality game.

Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies of Aces High. You have absolutely nothing to lose and, if we are correct in what we say, you have countless hours of entertainment to gain.

Two more months of winter? Those of us who play Aces High say “bring it on!”

If you check out our “minimum requirements” link for our flight sim game, Aces High, you will see the requirements necessary regarding a computer. All you really need is Windows 7, 8GB, and at least a Nvidia Class 7 to play our game. Those minimum requirements pretty much cover 75% of the computers still operating these days

However, in this case, bigger is almost always better! If you are a serious gamer, and you want the full experience of a combat simulator, then go for all the GBs you can get, and go for the largest processor you can find. There are laptops on the market these days, like several of the ASUS models, which are made specifically for playing games like Aces High, and they will blow your mind just how powerful they are.

All it takes is simple math to determine the great value Aces High delivers in the gaming world.

$14.95 per month . . . that’s the cost of an Aces High subscription. Let’s just round it off to $15 per month to simplify the math in this lesson.

If you play our combat simulator once each day, for a month, that’s thirty playing sessions, divided into $15, which means you are playing Aces High for $.50 per session. Break it down to minutes and you have a ridiculously inexpensive entertainment game.

Try our free two-week download and see for yourself. You have full access to Aces High at no cost to you. Fly the skies with Aces High!

This question about browser games, and Aces High, really takes us back, back to the 90’s and the emergence of online gaming as a major force in the retail world. It is a part of our history and, as such, is interesting and worthy of a smile, but it really has nothing to do with the present or the future of gaming.

What is a browser game?

Browser games are electronic games that are played online via the Internet. They are distinct from video and computer games in that they do not require any client-side software (i.e. purchased CD or DVDs) to be installed. Browser games rely solely on technologies such as a Web browser and sometimes a common plug-in such as Java or Flash.

Browser games are what gaming once was. Games like Pac Man were wildly popular, in their time, but with regards to technology, and the intricacies of gaming technology, they were like comparable to crawling rather than walking.

Are there still browser games on the market today/

Oh yes, most definitely, and there are even combat simulators and flight sim games among them. For what they are, they are enjoyable to play, a great way to kill some time and feed your hunger for gaming on a very elementary level. And, we do not say that to be mean-spirited. They are what they are, they can provide entertainment, and there is most-definitely a place for them in the gaming world.

However, they are not, nor will they ever be, the best that gaming offers.

Is Aces High a browser game?

No, Aces High is not a browser game. You must download games like Aces High and, in fact, we offer a free two-week download of Aces High, a way to try out our game without paying any money. When you download Aces High, you will instantly have full access to our entire game, to our competitions, to our forums and film library, to the whole shooting match, so to speak, and in every way you will be a part of the MMO experience, transcending any browser limitations which are inherent in browser games.

Why, then, would people play browser games?

The answer to this question is simple: to have fun! Browser games are fun; they are easy to access; and they provide entertainment with very little effort at all. They are a bit like watching a favorite movie on television. There are commercials, and the screen is small, and there certainly is no 3D experience, but the movie is still a classic, and it pleases you for a couple hours.

However, the same movie, seen in a giant screen at a movie theater, will blow you away. It multiplies the movie experience 100-fold, and that is why we go to movies at theaters.

And that is why flight sim games like Aces High are wildly-popular, much more so than the old games like Pac-Man.

A final word about Aces High

We’ve been doing this gaming thing since 2000. For twenty-three years, Aces High has stood among the leaders in combat flight simulators, and that longevity speaks volumes in the competitive gaming industry.