WWII History

Are you ready for more World War 2 Trivia? #410 is coming your way.

QUESTION: On June 7, 1942, the Battle of Midway ended. The U.S. lost the USS Yorktown. The Japanese lost four carriers and one destroyer. What is the importance of the Battle of Midway?

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ANSWER: The Battle of Midway is generally considered the turning point in the Pacific War against Japan.


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Thursdays mean another installment of World War 2 Trivia, this one #408. Won’t you join us?

QUESTION: On April 1, 1942, the Pacific War Council met for the first time in Washington D.C. What was the purpose of the Pacific War Council when it was first established?

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ANSWER: The Pacific War Council was originally formed to give some of the smaller powers involved with fighting the Japanese some input in U.S. decisions.

Here we go again, with another installment of World War 2 Trivia, this one #409. We toss out a question and you see if you can answer it. Simple enough, right?

QUESTION: On June 7, 1942, the Japanese invaded the islands of Attu and Kiska. Where were those islands located?

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ANSWER: Attu and Kiska are located in Alaska! It signaled a Japanese invasion of the U.S.

It would be easy to write-off combat simulators as just entertainment, a way to while away a few hours, taking part in MMO situations against gamers from around the world.

But not so fast!

This from a leading military advisor about World War 2 flight simulators like Aces High:

“A key point is that game-based training in the military focuses on cognitive learning—or "how to think" training. While certain games—like Aces High—might help with certain motor skills, they certainly don't improve the use of a real rifle, for example. Games are used in huge Battle Simulation Centers across the US Army (and many other military organizations), and soldiers sit at the computers and play collectively. But in the game, they are primarily practicing tactics, techniques, and procedures, and most importantly they are practicing making decisions. Yes, they move through and conduct the mission virtually—including shooting simulated rifles in the computer game—but the real point is to practice decision-making skills that will lead to better decisions in the real world.”

Let’s break that down a bit more

“Games are used in Battle Simulation Centers across the U.S. Army” . . . think about that for a moment. While we all sit in our living rooms, playing Aces High with our buddies, there are thousands of soldiers, preparing for actual warfare, playing the same flight sim game we are playing, honing their skills, skills which will one day keep them alive in actual battle.

Pretty amazing, right?

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“A key point is that game-based training in the military focuses on cognitive learning, or how to think training.”

The key point here is that yes, real weapons are used in actual combat, but games like Aces High prepare you to make split-second, logical decisions in combat situations. It may be simulation, but games like Aces High, the leader of World War 2 flight simulators, can present soldiers with realistic situations which call for immediate and correct decision-making.

And to think, back in 2000 when we introduced Aces High to the public, we were just trying to create a game people would have fun with. Little did we know that one day our combat simulator with attitude would be used by militaries as they prepared for warfare. Our modern warriors, trained on games like Aces High? Pretty cool, right?

A word or two about Aces High

Aces High is the creation of HiTech Creations, out of Texas, and was first introduced back in 2000. For twenty years we have been refining our flight sim game, never satisfied enough to just leave it alone and rest on our laurels – no, we kept improving, and improving, and improving, twenty years of improving, so that now, in 2020, we can say with total confidence that our graphics and our attention to detail is second to none.

Just ask the U.S. Army!

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