WWII History

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QUESTION: On January 31, 1944, the Americans began shelling the Kwajalein Atoll in preparation for the invasion of what island chain in the Pacific?

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ANSWER: The shelling of Kwajalein Atoll was in preparation for the invasion of the Marshall Islands.

You may not know what Aces High is right at this moment, but you will shortly. However, if you have a school age child, and you are constantly trying to motivate them to do better in school, this article will ring authentic for you as a parent.

Don’t think of it as a bribe. Instead, think of it as a reward for a job well-done.

What is Aces High?

Aces High is described as an online combat simulator. You might also see it labeled as a World War 2 flight simulator.

It is both of these things, as well as a flight sim game, an MMO game, and just a blast to play.

In Aces High, players choose arenas in which to do combat. They choose from among the many authentic WW2 aircraft, ships, and land vehicles, and then they do battle against the enemy. The other players in the game are players from around the world, other MMO players.

Don’t worry, there are no bloody graphics. This is not Road Warrior. This is a World War 2 history lesson come alive, as fun as it is educational, and a fine reward for any child who just aced a test or raised his/her grade in Math.

A reward plus a history lesson

Yes, it can be a reward, but it is also a history lesson. Aces High transports you back to 1944 and the Invasion of Normandy. It drops you into the action during Operation Shingle and the invasion of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Theater.

In addition, there are countless articles on our website about many of the famous battles from that war, as well as articles about many of the key historical figures of World War 2. It truly is a history lesson, but it’s a history lesson which is fun and entertaining and challenging.

How can you go wrong? For $14.95 per month, you have a reward which just keeps on giving, depending upon continued great performance in school.

No long-term obligations

You are under absolutely no obligation. You can sign up for one month and then stop your membership. Come back six months later, sign up again, and you can pick up again where you left off. If you want to join just for the school year, but not during the summer, that’s cool with us as well. We’ve been around for twenty years now. That kind of longevity in the gaming industry only happens if you are flexible and willing to meet the needs of your customers.

Try it for free before you decide

How confident are we in Aces High? So confident we offer a free two-week download of Aces High, no credit card required. Just download it, play it for two week, entire access to the entire game, and then make up your mind after the two weeks. If you decide we are full of baloney, and our game is not very good, we respect that . . . but we’re betting against it. We are that confident.

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If you are a history buff, we invite you to play World War 2 Trivia twice-weekly on this site. Our dedicated staff has scoured the history books in search of some challenging questions, and here’s one for you right now.

QUESTION: On November 15, 1943, a new “Force” is formed in preparation for the invasion of Europe by the Allies. What was the name of that “Force?”

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ANSWER: The Allied Expeditionary Force was formed on November 15, 1943, and General Eisenhower was named the leader of that Force.

World War 2 Trivia is here for your enjoyment. It is here for you to play along with your friends, a fun challenge to see who is King of World War 2 Trivia for a day. Nothing more, nothing less, just a fun little offering from HiTech Creations, the makers of Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators. Stop by our website every Tuesday and Thursday for the latest WW2 question.

QUESTION: On January 22, 1944, Operation Shingle began. Who was the commander of the initial landing at Anzio, Italy, on that date?

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ANSWER: General John P. Lucas commanded Operation Shingle.

Since 1990, the advent of the Golden Age of gaming, there have been over sixty combat flight simulator games produced.

Over sixty . . .

That is a dizzying number of games to choose from, which leads us to this question: how do you choose among all of the combat flight simulator games on the market?

Here are a couple things to consider.


Over sixty in the last thirty years, about two per year, a formidable number for sure. Curious, how many of those games has been around for the full twenty years?

About one-third of them, in truth, including our combat simulator, Aces High.

Does longevity help in producing an exciting, challenging World War 1, or World War 2 flight simulator?

It sure can’t hurt, right? What’s the main rap against new products? They haven’t worked the kinks out of their product. It takes a couple years to fine-tune any product so that it works to peak efficiency, so following that logic, twenty years is more than enough time to “work out the kinks” in any product.


Aces High has been on the market for over twenty years, but longevity means nothing if those years are not spent refining the product. Innovations happen almost yearly in the gaming industry, so you will want to find a flight sim game which is constantly coming out with new versions. Check out Aces High . . . we no sooner present one version when we start working on a new version. We believe in the old adage that practice makes perfect, and you should too.


If you are a gamer you know all about the importance of graphics. How life-like is that game? Does it make you feel like you are personally in the arena fighting for the goal/objective? If so, you’ve got a winner. If not, pass it over and move on to the next flight sim game.

Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High. We promise you this about our graphics: you’ll need a hot shower after flying a mission in one of our arenas of combat.


How long will it take to learn how to play a game? Is there anyone on the game site who can help you to learn the game? The quality games have a strong support staff. Aces High is the standard to compare others by with a dedicated management team plus dedicated volunteers ready to answer your questions and even provide one-on-one tutorials if needed. Add to that videos, articles, forums, screenshots, and it all adds up to as much instruction as you could possibly want.

Which feels better during test trial?

If the game does not offer a free trial, don’t bother with it. Aces High offers a free two-week download, no credit card required, two full weeks to play the game against the best players in the world, and if you don’t like our game after that trial period, you simply walk away, no harm, no foul.

How many games on the market offer a two-week free download?

A handful of the sixty!

We are one of them!

Think about it when you are looking for experience, great graphics, and strong support. Aces High leads the way.