WWII History

Thanks for joining us for World War 2 Trivia #524. We have a fairly easy question for you this week, so without any further delay, let’s play our game.

QUESTION: The Balham Station Disaster happened on October 14, 1940. What happened in this disaster?

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ANSWER: The Balham Station Disaster was when a German bomb pierces 32 feet underground, killing 66 civilians.

Have you done a Google search of “war games” lately? Perhaps you are thinking of buying one for yourself, or perhaps you are trying to choose one for the gamer in your life as a gift, but you are stunned by the sheer number of war games available. How can you possibly choose from so many?

You could read reviews

Here’s the thing about reviews, no matter whether we are talking about gaming reviews or we are talking about reviews for a new toaster: it’s hard to tell which reviews are non-biased and which are being paid for. That’s right, some online reviews of products are “sponsored” by companies being reviewed. How is that for stacking the deck before a hand is dealt?

How do you know which gaming reviews are legit and which are severely biased? You don’t unless you do some serious research.

Which leads us to the next plan of action.

You could ask for opinions from gamers you know

If you know other gamers, people who have actually played war games or combat simulators, you could ask for their opinions. At least you can trust the people you are asking, but even this approach comes with some quicksand attached to it. One man’s castle is another man’s junkheap, if you get the drift. What one person likes may not translate well for another person. We all differ in our likes and dislikes, so just because one person likes one World War 2 flight simulator doesn’t mean another person will. Games are purely subjective. That’s why so many sell well, and that is why new ones appear on the market each year. With hundreds of millions of gamers out there looking to buy new games, it is a huge market which can handle quite a few games. It’s kind of like throwing pasta at the wall. Some will stick and some will fall to the floor.

Or you could test drive a few of them

The only way to form a true opinion about any flight sim game is to play it yourself. You wouldn’t buy a car without test-driving it, would you? The same is true of combat flight simulators, or war games. You need to test them out and get a feel for how good, or how bad, they are.

Many games, like Aces High, offer a free two week download, or a free test period of some length of time. Games like Aces High give you full access to their game, require no commitment, and allow you to play as often as you like during those two weeks. That way you can make an informed decision as to the quality of the game.

Get busy! Take a few of those games, like Aces High, for a test drive.

A word about Aces High

Aces High, by HiTech Creations, was first introduced in 2000. For twenty-two years it has taken on all competitors, and it remains among the best war games on the market. That kind of longevity speaks volumes about Aces High. Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

Take a break from what you are doing right now and join us for World War 2 Trivia #522. We promise you a brain-challenging question. Are you up for the mental challenge?

QUESTION: On August 13, 1940, Germany began a two-week assault on British airfields in preparation for the invasion of Great Britain. What was this assault called?

And that’s what you can do when you play Aces High, the World War 2 flight simulator brought to you by HiTech Creations. You can plan assaults, defend assaults, and make important decisions as you plan for your next World War 2 battle. Won’t you join us?

ANSWER: The aerial assault by Germany was called “Adler Tag,” or “Eagle Day.”

Welcome back to World War 2 Trivia, Installment #523. This week’s question focuses on 1940, so if you are ready, put on your thinking caps and let’s do this!

QUESTION: On October 15,1940, Clarence Dykstra was named Director of what organization in the United States?

Have you played our game Aces High yet? It’s free, you know? We offer a free two-week download so you can get your feet wet with our exciting combat simulator. There is no better time than now to try that free offer, don’t you think?

ANSWER: Dykstra Was named Director of the Selective Service, overseeing the draft of young men into the military.

Which flight sim game is right for you? That’s the question facing every gamer looking to purchase a combat flight simulator, and considering there are so many to choose from, it’s a valid question which deserves a valid answer. After all, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a game simply because it has great ads, or simply because some online influencer is trying to convince you that such and such is the best.

You want the straight facts: which flight sim game will provide you with the most challenges and the most entertainment? And that’s what we will attempt to tell you today in this article.

Shall we begin?

The wrong way to decide

The absolute wrong way to decide this debate is to read online reviews and opinion pieces. Why? Many of the online influencers are paid to give an opinion which favors the company paying them, that’s why? That approach can hardly be described as non-biased, can it?

The other reason why this is the wrong path to take is because those writing opinion pieces based on “their research” are simply doing that, giving an opinion. We could poll fifty regular and devoted players of combat flight simulators, and without a doubt we would receive at least five different opinions regarding which game is the best, and that is because all gamers have various criteria in choosing games, and liking games, and those criteria change from player to player.

Hardly a scientific and reliable survey!

Which leads us right back to the original question: how do you know which flight sim game is right for you?

The only logical way to decide on a flight sim game

Let me ask you this: when you go out to buy a new car, do you purchase that car sight-unseen, or do you visit dealerships, ask your questions, and then take cars for test drives? Rhetorical question, right? Everyone takes cars for a test drive before purchasing one. It would be foolish not to do so, right?

The same can be said about choosing a flight sim game: you should take it out for a test drive, and there are a few, like Aces High, which allow you to do so. Aces High offers a free two-week download, no credit card required. During those two weeks you are allowed full-access to the game, to the forums, to the training videos, 24/7, just like you were a paying customer. At the end of the two-week period, you can decide whether or not to sign up for a monthly fee.

It’s the only true way a flight sim player can make an intelligent decision.

Start your research

So, there you have it! Test drive those games, and if a game doesn’t allow you a trial period, skip it and move on to the next one on your list. It’s the only way you can be positive that a game fits your needs.

A word about Aces High

The only thing we will tell you about our combat simulator is that we first introduced Aces High to the gaming world in 2000. For twenty-two years we have taken on all competition and remained a serious player in the gaming industry. Give Aces High a try and find out for yourself why Aces High has remained a great choice among players for twenty-two years and counting.