WWII History

World War 2 Trivia #404 coming at you on this November day. Let’s find out how smart you are, shall we?

QUESTION: On January 2, 1942, the Cavite Naval Base was captured by the Japanese forces as they pounded their way across the Pacific Ocean. Where was the Cavite Naval Base?

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ANSWER: Cavite Naval Base is located in the Philippines, a short distance from Manila, which also fell on January 2, 1942.

There are so many combat simulators on the market. We at HiTech Creations have been making our game, Aces High, since 2000, and in that time we have seen the market expand from a handful of flight simulators to dozens, and every single one of them promises unending thrills, and every single one of them claims to be the best thing since sliced bread hit the grocery shelves.

So how is the consumer to know which is the best flight sim game? What should you look for when purchasing a flight simulator?

Hopefully, this article will help you to decide, should you be in the market for an exciting computer game.

Here, then, are features we believe to be most important, based upon our twenty years of producing Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators.

It should be interactive

It’s fun playing against the computer, or against the game, but it is infinitely more fun playing against live competition. Make sure the game you choose is a MMO game, meaning a multi-player game. On Aces High, at any moment of any hour of any day, you can log on and play against the best gamers in the world. You test your skills against their skills, which means you experience real-time combat against other experienced gamers.

It’s the only way to fly, in our opinion.

The graphics should be topnotch

This is the year 2020. It would be nonsense to settle for a game which had inferior graphics, or a World War 2 combat game which did not provide real-time, instant reaction to commands. Technology has advanced to the point where you should expect the best, and you shouldn’t settle for second-best. Game producers like HiTech Creations are constantly revamping the games to update them and make them the best possible.

It should be realistic

Playing a World War 2 simulator should make you feel like you are actually fighting in World War 2. It should be that realistic. The aircraft and ships and ground vehicles should be extremely detailed. At HiTech Creations, our programmers are all gamers and they are all history buffs. We have poured over history books looking at details we believe are important for our game to be authentic. You should expect nothing less in whatever game you purchase.

It should provide endless excitement

24/7, 365, no matter what time you log on to the game, there should be entertainment and excitement. That is the bare minimum you should expect from an online flight sim game.

It should present good value

There are a lot of combat simulators out there to choose from, and that’s good news for you. Competition in the marketplace drives prices down, and that’s a win for you. Shop around and find the best deal for you. Aces High is $14.95 per month, which breaks down to a per play cost of cents per play. Also included is the first two-week download trial period for free.

A word about Aces High

We’ve been doing this now for twenty years. In a highly-competitive market, twenty years is a great track record, and we’re proud of it. Give us a try. Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

Here we go again with another installment of World War 2 Trivia. This is #402 for those who are keeping track.

QUESTION: On November 1, 1941, President Roosevelt announced that the U.S. Coast Guard was being placed under the direction of the U.S. Navy. Why was that transition of authority important?

Listen, we don’t feel it would be appropriate for us to brag too much about our exciting flight simulator, Aces High. We would rather you try our free two-week download for yourself and come to that realization without our prompting.

ANSWER: Transferring authority from the Coast Guard to the Navy was a move usually only done during wartime, and yet, at the time, the U.S. was still a neutral nation. That would change in a month.

Are you feeling smart today? Let’s find out how smart you are regarding World War 2 with World War 2 Trivia.

#403 in our series is coming at you now!

QUESTION: On January 1, 1942, the Declaration by United Nations was signed by twenty-six nations. What was the significance of that Declaration? What did it do?

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ANSWER: The Declaration by United Nations in effect formed the Allies of World War 2.

Christmas is coming, gift-buying is happening, and the pandemic rages on – all reasons why you should consider downloading Aces High, the combat simulator with attitude

- developed by HiTech Creations.

But that’s just a sales pitch, just like thousands of other sales pitches you hear and read daily. It’s a tagline – fly the skies with Aces High – nothing more, nothing less.

Without some good reasons why you should play our World War 2 flight simulator, this is nothing more than bits on a computer screen. So that’s what we are going to give you, five reasons why you should try our MMO flight sim game.

Let’s get started!

Unlimited play

Day or night, any hour of the 24-hour period, any day of the year, Aces High rules the virtual skies over World War 2. If you have insomnia, you can log on and play. If you have a spare half-hour before you go to work, you can log on and play. Play 200 times per month; heck, play 500 times per month; the price will be the same, and access will always be available, just as it has been since the year 2000.

MMO game

Play gamers from India. Play gamers from the UK. Play gamers from Indonesia and Minnesota and Russia. Every single time you log on, you are facing a variety of flight sim gamers from around the world and that, you must admit, is kind of cool.

Great cost per play

The cost is $14.95 per month. It’s been that same cost for quite a few years now. Do the math. If you play one-hundred times in a month, it costs you about fourteen cents each time you play. That is an incredible value. Play fifty times per month and it costs you about twenty-eight cents per play, or about a quarter. Where else will you find that kind of entertainment value?

Two weeks for free

Try Aces High for free. We encourage you to try our free two-week download. Hop in the driver’s seat and take our game for a drive, for free. Play against other gamers, for free. Drop in on forums and ask questions, for free. Watch our training videos, for free. It’s the only way to truly find out if you will like Aces High so, by all means, play our game for free, no credit card required. If, at the end of the two-week trial period, you decide Aces High is not for you, that will end our relationship, thank you very much, have a good life!

Great bonding and educational experience

As mentioned earlier, you will be competing against gamers from around the world, and we have developed a pretty loyal following since our introduction in 2000. Social distancing may be a thing, but Aces High will bring you into close proximity with your gamer friends and hey, we could all use a little social mingling right about now, right?

Wrap it all up in a bow and you come to this conclusion: your life really will not be complete without strapping on your helmet and flying the skies with Aces High this holiday season.  Try Aces High for great thrills.