WWII History

Here we go with the 380th installment of World War 2 Trivia, brought to you by HiTech Creations, creators of the exciting World War 2 flight simulator, Aces High.

QUESTION: The first convoy moved along the Ledo Road in northern Burma on January 11, 1945. What is the significance of the Ledo Road?

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ANSWER: The Ledo Road linked India and China, and important transportation route during World War 2.

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World War 2 Trivia marches on with Installment #378. Today’s question is more political than war-related, so let’s see how you do. And after you play our game, we invite you to play our other game, the exciting World War 2 flight simulator Aces High, leading the way for flight sim games since 2000.

QUESTION: On November 7, 1944, history was made during the U.S. elections. Something happened on that day which had never happened in U.S. politics, something which has not happened since. What was it?

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ANSWER: Franklin Roosevelt was elected to his fourth term as U.S. President on November 7, 1944, the only time in history that has happened.

World War 2 Trivia takes a look at the year 1945 this week with #379. Let’s find out how much you really know about the last world war.

QUESTION: On January 1, 1945, the Germans began Operation Nordwind. Where did that Operation take place?

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ANSWER: Operation Nordwind took place in Northern Alsace.

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A timeline of World War 2 in November, 1944

On November 2, 1944, during World War 2, Canadian troops took Zeebrugge in Belgium, meaning that Belgium was completely liberated.

On November 5, 1944, U.S. planes bombed Singapore, and the aircraft carrier USS Lexington was heavily damaged by kamikaze attacks.

On November 9, 1944, General Patton’s troops and tanks crossed the Moselle Ricer and threatened Metz.

On November 10, 1944, V-2 rockets continued to rain down on Britain at a rate of eight per day.

On November 17, 1944, Germans gave up Tirana, Albania, which was liberated by local citizens.

On November 23, 1944, Metz, France, and Strasburg, France, are both liberated by French troops.

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Prior to the year 2000, all you could do, if you were interested in World War 2, was read about it or watch movies and/or newsreels of it. But in the year 2000, HiTech Creations introduced the exciting World War 2 flight simulator Aces High, a combat simulator so real that players felt like they were actually flying aircraft during World War 2. The graphics were so mindblowing that MMO players felt like they were planning battles, taking part in battles, and actually affecting the outcome of the road.

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