WWII History

This week after Veteran’s Day is perhaps a good time for this post. Our combat simulator, Aces High, was, in part, developed in honor of the servicemen who served our nation during World War 2, so we thought we would give you all a secondhand account of what it was like to be in the U.S. Army during that war. Perhaps it will give you all a better understanding of what it was like to fight in the last World War.

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Now, let’s talk about World War 2.

My father’s accounting of an Iowa farm boy thrust into action.

This writer’s father entered the war in 1942, right out of high school, penniless, one of the millions of casualties of The Great Depression. Although he was far from excited about going into war, he still thought of it as an adventure and, in his words, anything would be better than standing in bread lines looking for a handout.

His basic training was in St. Louis, and before being shipped to Europe he had brief stints at Fort Hood and Fort Lewis. He served in the supply department at those bases until he received his orders to go to Europe, at which time he was shifted to infanty.

His overall recollection of being an infantryman was hundreds of hours of boredom interrupted by weeks of intense fighting and serious fear. He loved being a part of a unit, loved his fellow soldiers in his unit and, when his big moment came in Italy, he had his first taste of being afraid.

He was part of the Italian Campaign, took part in the Invasion of Anzio, was in the Battle of Rome; all told he was in five major confrontations. He would not speak of specifics. Did not want to talk about the killing, nor would he talk about friends lost. The most vivid recollection that he would share was arriving at the beach of Anzio in a landing craft, hearing bullets whiz through the air, and praying he would make it to the beach alive. He often told me there are no atheists in a foxhole, something he found out, firsthand, making that Anzio landing.

He came out of the war unscathed physically, with an intense hatred of sleeping in tents and authority figures. I have no doubt he suffered from PTSD although he would never have verbalized that fact. Back then, in the 50’s, you simply did not talk about things like that and, even if you did, there were no resources to deal with it.

A final word about Aces High and HiTech Creations.

We hope you found that interesting. Our respect of servicemen, and women, knows no bounds. They are doing a tough job, a dangerous job, and in our opinion they deserve nothing but respect and whatever resources they need to arrive back home whole.

Aces High salutes our military!

We apologize for that. It was our intention to post last week, honoring veterans, and we ended up getting sidetracked on our posts. Mea culpa, and we mean that sincerely.

When we first set out to develop an online game, back in 1999, the natural genre, agreed upon immediately by the partners, was combat flight simulator, and in addition we wanted that flight sim game to be set in World War 2 because, well, we so greatly admired the servicemen who served during that terribly important war.

So, in a very real sense, our game, Aces High, honors veterans day in and day out.

Thank you, Veterans!

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