WWII History

That’s what it’s all about with a combat simulator, right? Finding the most realistic, the one which makes you most feel like you are actually in the cockpit of a fighter jet, in mortal combat with the enemy, that’s the goal, correct?

This article should help you in your search. We are HiTech Creations, the developers of Aces High, rocking the online gaming world with our flight sim game for twenty-four years. We’ve learned a few things over the years, and in this article we will share some of what we’ve learned about realistic combat simulators.

Insider secret: we all have access to the same technology.

Here’s the thing most people fail to comprehend and appreciate about the combat flight simulator industry: we all have outstanding and brilliant programmers. We all have access to the same technology, and we all are highly skilled in making that technology work for us. The difference between any two games is really a matter of tweaking that technology, making minor changes to existing techniques so that the results are slightly different. It’s not that the programmers of one game are smarter than the programmers of another game; it’s that they approach the gaming programming in a slightly different way.

How good is the game? Look at the track record!

Go online right now and you can find articles which claim “The Five Best Flight Sim Games,” or “The Ten Best Combat Flight Simulators On The Market 2024.” And those articles are well-written, and they are written by gamers, but they are also purely subjective. Such is the nature of gaming, the reason why millions of gamers prefer one game over another; there is something about a particular game which appeals to a specific player, and that is true of every combat simulator game produced today.

How good is a game? Look at its history. How long has it been successful in a very competitive market? These games come and go. The turnover rate is horrendous, and the roadway is littered by games which started out strong and then fell by the wayside.

Check out the ones which have withstood the test of time. There is a very good reason why some games have been successful for ten, fifteen, twenty years, and that is reason is a simple one: Because the game is good.

When in doubt, play it before you buy it.

When all else fails, and you still aren’t sure which one to purchase/subscribe to, we suggest you take them out for a test drive. We offer a free two-week download of Aces High, exactly for that reason. To our way of thinking, every game should offer a free trial. If their game is a good one, this is their chance to show that; in fact, it is curious to us why all games don’t make that offer. What are they hiding? What don’t they want you to know?

A final word about Aces High and HiTech Creations.

Twenty-four years ago we set out to make one game, and one game only, and we wanted that game to be the best combat simulator on the market.

We are still going strong, twenty-four years later. Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

The best flight sim game in the world is “less than” unless it is being played on a laptop or home PC which is powerful enough to fully utilize all of its features. Many times, during a month, we hear from players saying “I can’t do this,” or “I can’t do that,” and asking what is the problem with our game, Aces High.

There is, in fact, nothing wrong with our combat simulator, nor is there anything wrong with any other game you might play.   You are simply playing those games on a computer which does not have the oomph to handle the requirements of the game.

Let’s talk about those requirement for Aces High, and how you might gather a bit more oomph.

Requirements for Aces High

The minimum requirements, and recommended requirements, are as follows:



Operating System

Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Windows 7


2.4GHz Pentium 4

3.2 Ghz dual core Intel CPU, or better

System RAM/Memory

4 GB


Video Card

DirectX 9 compatible NVidia 9800GTX+ class (or better) with a minimum of 512MB of dedicated video RAM2,5

DirectX 11 compatible NVidia 960 class (or better) with 2GB of dedicated video RAM, or more.5

Input Devices

Keyboard and Mouse3

Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick

Internet Connection

Modem dial-up

Broadband land based4

Optional Hardware


 Oculus Rift and Touch Controllers1, HTC Vive1, XBox Controller, microphone, headset

If your PC or laptop do not meet those requirements, our suggestion is to add power.

How do you make your computer more powerful?

Here are some reasonably easy fixes to increase power on your computer:

  • Check your start-up programs and determine which you really need.
  • Adjust your restart settings
  • Remove bloatware and apps you do not use or need
  • Check your storage space and get rid of files you do not use or need.
  • Change your power plan to high performance
  • Shut down OneDrive if you don’t use it
  • Stop background updates
  • Speed up menus and animations to high performance
  • Upgrade your PC hardware
  • Increase your RAM if you have 8GB or less
  • Clean your system

Take those steps and you have a fighting chance of competing with the best World War 2 flight simulator gamers in the world, provided you have the skill. Skill you can work on, and increase, with practice; the issues with your computer can be improved by you digging inside of it and giving it a much-needed boost.

A final word about Aces High.

Going back in time, to 1999, the founders of HiTech Creations wrote out a mission statement, and to paraphrase, that mission statement was: to produce one game, and one game only, and to make that game the best combat flight simulator on the market.

We’ve been following that same mission statement now for twenty-four years, and we think that dedication to a singular purpose shows in our game.

But don’t take our word for it. Try our free two-week download of Aces High and see for yourself. It won’t cost you a penny to have full access to our game for a full two weeks, and we don’t even ask for a credit card, so there can be no secrets deductions from your bank account during those two weeks.

Strap on your fight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

As much as we love the fact that thousands of gamers play our flight sim game, Aces High, we would be remiss if we did not toss out this suggestion: Find balance in your life. Gaming isn’t everything.

Odd thing for a gaming company to say, but it’s how we fee.

Our gaming history.

We started developing Aces High back in 1999. Actually, the idea for the combat simulator entered our brains in 1998, but it took us a year to go from idea to action.

Our goal when developing the game, and our mission statement reflects it, was to produce one game, and one game only, and to make that game the absolute best combat flight simulator on the market.

We have not deviated from that mission statement, twenty-three years and going strong, thank you very much, and we do mean that, thank you, for supporting our efforts for so long.

Firmly entrenched in the gaming industry.

It’s not all that common, you know, for an online game to be popular and successful for so long. During our twenty-three years, we have seen quite a few “flash in the pan” one year success stories, but they and many like them flamed out fairly quickly. So yes, twenty-three years is a long time to be successful, and we are very grateful for that . . . but with that success comes responsibility, to the industry and to our customers, and that is the reason for this article.

It’s about more than subscriptions.

We have all heard the stories and reports about people being addicted to gaming, hiding away in dark bedrooms, drapes pulled, gaming away for fifteen, sixteen hours or more, and we have to tell you, that simply is not healthy. As much as we love the fact that people love our game, we in no way want those subscribers to play beyond healthy time limits. Moderation is needed, when playing a computer game, when exercising, when eating, when doing anything in life. Any doctor worth the cost of an office visit will tell you the same thing: Find balance in your lives!

Yes, we love the fact that you all love our combat flight simulator so much. Just don’t love it so much that you ignore the other fantastic things there are to do in life. We will always be here when you need an adrenaline rush. We are online 24/7, the action never stops, and you will always be welcome. Just make sure you get outside for some exercise, okay?

A final word about Aces High.

Twenty-three years . . . Aces High has been rocking the flight sim game industry for almost two generations, and that is, to us, mind-blowing. Yes, we hoped our game would be popular and successful, but honestly we never dreamed it would be this popular and successful.

Thank you for showing two computer nerds that dreams really do come true. We invite you to give Aces High a try. We offer a free two-week download so you can try out our game at no cost.

Any gamer who plays combat simulator games, like Aces High, will do some comparison shopping from time to time. It’s only natural to do so. And the gaming community is so tight-knit, it is quite common for reviews and opinions to fly through the community at the speed of sound.

With that in mind, we thought we would offer a completely biased look at our game, Aces High, compared to other flight simulator games on the market. How do we think we stand up to the competition?

Let’s find out!

Combat simulator with the most experience.

The year was 2000. On that year, HiTech Creations introduced their flight sim game, Aces High, and for twenty-four years now, we have continued to set the standard for combat simulators.

Could we have a show of hands from among our competition, those who have been in production for twenty-four years? Hands? Raise them, please? Waiting! Waiting! The simple fact of the matter is this: no other game in the combat simulator genre has been in production for as long as Aces High, and that speaks volumes about our game. If it is experience you are looking for, Aces High is hands down the most experienced developer of combat flight simulator games.

Combat simulator with the best training program.

We not only offer a free two-week download of Aces High, time which can be spent learning how to play our game, for free, but we also offer a variety of ways you can be trained. Our numerous forums offer you a chance to ask your questions from our players and staff. Our hundreds of videos show you how to play every aspect of the game. Our hundreds of articles touch on every possible skill you will need and, if you really need special aid, we offer one-on-one tutoring from staff and volunteers. What this adds up to is the best training program available in this genre of gaming, if not all of gaming. We want you to be good because we want the best competition possible when we play.

Combat flight simulator with the most confidence.

How do we know we are the best? Because we set out to be, way back in 2000. Our mission statement, at that time, was to make the best combat simulator on the market, and to only make one game, concentrating all of our considerable talents on making Aces High the best ever. Does that sound like over-confidence to you? Isn’t that what you want to hear from the makers of your favorite game? And this is not false confidence. This is confidence based on “been there, done that, wrote the book.” Twenty-four years of taking on the competition and standing strong, like Rocky standing at the top of that monument in Philadelphia, arms raised, the conqueror standing tall.

A final word about Aces High.

Aces High is the creation of HiTech Creations, a Texas firm and proud of it. We invite you to take advantage of our free two-week download offer. Learn how to play. Feel comfortable playing. Meet some of the staff and players. And then, when you come to the realization that we really are as good a we say, you can pay for your subscription, a mere $14.95 per month.

Think about that fact: Aces High flight sim game has now reached the age where we can claim that two generations of players have played our game/are playing our game/will play our game. For twenty-three years, our combat simulator has taken on all comers and remained wildly popular.

How do we explain that kind of success?

We are gamers who wanted to make the best game possible. We are World War 2 nerds who wanted to represent World War 2 in the best way possible.

And, we are a business which believes in producing high quality.

Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.