WWII History

Anyone can read about World War 2. Just go online, type in “World War 2,” and you’ll be faced with countless pages of articles about the last world war. You can literally spend month after month reading about the events of that war.

Right now, in the year 2020, of the 16 million Americans who took part in World War 2, only about 300,000 are still alive seventy-five years after the last gun was fired. In other words, only a very few Americans actually know, from firsthand knowledge, what it was like to be a part of that major conflict. For the rest of us, we are left with imagining. We are left with reading books. We are left with conjecture and imagination and . . .

We are left with Aces High

What is Aces High? Since the year 2000, Aces High has been one of the leading World War 2 flight simulators, and for anyone interested in World War 2, anyone wondering what it was like to be a part of that war, Aces High delivers the most realistic experience online at this time.

Aces High drops you in the middle of the Battle of Britain. Aces High puts you on a ship steaming for the Battle of Leyte. Aces High delivers you on the beach at Normandy. We put you in charge of aircraft. We put you in charge of ships and ground vehicles. We put you in a conflict and tell you to devise a battle plan to save the day. We find out how well you work with other warriors, and we find out what kind of skills you have as you play against some of the best gamers in the world.

As real as it gets in WW2 combat games

At HiTech Creations, we have spent twenty years making our aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles as lifelike as is humanly possible. We have spent countless years studying World War 2, tweaking our game, finding new ways to challenge you and still remain true to the actual war.

We believe we have succeeded, and twenty years on the market is all the proof of that we need.

But don’t take our word for it; try Aces High yourself, for free, for two weeks. That’s right, we offer a free two-week download of Aces High for everyone to try. Simply go to our website, tap on the “download” link, and in a couple minutes you will have free access to our game for a solid two-week period, 24/7, anytime, day and night. Why free? Because we are that confident that once you play Aces High you will then want it more and more and more, signing on for more months, at only $14.95, after the free trial period has ended.

That’s called confidence, and that’s what we have at HiTech Creations. It’s easy to be confident when you have the best of the best, and that’s what we have in Aces High.

Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High. Why read about it when you can take part in it?

Thanks for joining us again for World War 2 Trivia, #383. If you’ve visited us before, you know how this works. It’s pretty simple, really. We ask a question about World War 2, and you see if you have the knowledge to answer it. Are you ready?

QUESTION: On May 26, 1940, Operation Dynamo began, and it would last until June 3, 1940. What was the objective of Operation Dynamo?

If you are a student of World War 2, we are pretty darned sure you will like Aces High, our exciting combat simulator with attitude. Download it for free and give it a try.

ANSWER: Operation Dynamo was the evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk.

2020 is, without doubt, one of the more challenging years we have experienced, and it looks like students across the country will begin the 2020 school year distance learning from home.

Parents are frazzled and with good reason. In households with two parents, how does one make sure they kids are doing their school work? And even if one parent is home, how do you design classes which make learning interesting and, at times, even fun?

These are the challenges American parents are facing as we transition into September.

Now there isn’t much we can do about Math and Language Arts, but we at HiTech Creations can certainly do something about History. We can bring our exciting and educational combat simulator into your homes so that your children experience World War 2 in a way books never can.

What is Aces High?

Aces High is a multi-player World War 2 flight simulator. What does that mean? It means that players from around the world play against each other in a continual array of battles and military strategies. It is played on the computer, it can be played 24/7, and it is highly regarded as a leader among flight simulators. We have been leading the pack since 2000, so twenty years of experience is what we bring to the table.

How is Aces High educational?

For twenty years now we have been composing articles about World War 2 on our website. We have designed the graphics for our game so that they closely represent that actual aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships which were in action during World War 2. Our scenarios follow the actual World War 2 script. We will have simulations taking place during the Battle of Britain, the Invasion of Normandy, and the Battle of Leyte. We take places into the Western Front of World War 2 as well as the Pacific Theater of World War Two.

Play Aces High and your student will travel the virtual world, learning as they play.

What does Aces High cost?

Here’s the great news: we offer a free two-week download of Aces High so you can find out for yourself just how much fun this game is. After that two-week period, we charge $14.95 per month for unlimited action AND unlimited learning. $14.95 . . . do the math! Play once per day for fifty cents per day. Play twice per day for a quarter a log-on. You certainly won’t find a tutor who works that cheaply.

Listen, times are tough. We get it. You’ve been doing this home-schooling thing since last spring, and now you’re facing a new school year of the same old same old. Don’t you think you deserve a break? Don’t you think your student/child deserves a little variation in the learning process? Who says learning can’t be fun? Who says learning can’t be exciting?

We certainly don’t agree with those antiquated thoughts at Aces High. We bring the fun back to learning. We bring the excitement back.

Strap on your helmets and fly the educational skies with Aces High!

Welcome back to World War 2 Trivia, #382. Today we take you back to the year 1940 as World War 2 picks up steam and Europe and Asia reel under the weight of deadly events. Here’s your question for today.

QUESTION: On February 1, 1940, the Japanese Diet announced a record high budget, with over half its expenditures being military. What was the Japanese Diet?

Aces High is a combat simulator which takes you into the action of World War 2 and puts you in charge of aircraft, ships, and ground vehicles. You make the decisions against some of the best gamers from around the world.

ANSWER: A “diet” was a general government assembly in Japan.

What would a Tuesday be at Aces High without World War 2 Trivia? Installment #381 is ready for you to answer.

QUESTION: A major victory is achieved at Suomussalmi on January 7, 1940! Who won that military victory?

Have you played Aces High? If you love reading about World War 2, we guarantee you will enjoy playing Aces High, our exciting World War 2 flight simulator. Download our game today and fly the skies over World War 2 with Aces High.

ANSWER: Finland defeated Soviet forces at Suomussalmi, capturing a number of Soviet military vehicles in the process and severely hampering the Soviet progress into Finland.