WWII History

We know, we are all flooded with ads as the Christmas holiday approaches, so much so that we tend to not even pay attention when a new ad comes on the radio or television or a social media site.

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Aces High is no traditional Christmas gift.

You know how traditional gifts are: you receive them, you use them occasionally, they wear out or you lose interest in them, and you move on with your life.

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If you have a gamer in your life, our combat simulator is the perfect Christmas gift, period, end of discussion.

If that article title doesn’t have your attention, we don’t know what will to the trick.

Aces High has been one of the most popular combat simulator games since the year 2000, and it has always been our policy to offer a free two-week download of our game, no credit card required. During those two weeks you will have full-access to the game, to the tutorials, to the forums, everything. If, at the end of two weeks, you decide not to subscribe with us, that will be the end of it, and we will wish you well on your way.

Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

No, this is not a riddle about a flight simulator. What this article will point out is the difference between a flight simulator and a flight sim game like Aces High, the wildly popular combat simulator which has led the way since 2000.

The first type of flight simulator.

Would you like to learn how to become a pilot, actually train so you can fly an aircraft? If so, eventually, after all of the classroom training, you will be taught how to operate a training machine called a flight simulator. This is a computer-generated simulation which perfectly portrays you, the student, in the cockpit of an airplane. All of the controls you would find in a real aircraft are in the simulator, and on the screen before you, you will see what looks like a real airfield runway. You will be taught how to actually takeoff and land the aircraft, and how to work all of the instruments on the instrument panel. Once you have shown proficiency with the simulator, your instructor will finally take you into a real aircraft and you will, for the first time, takeoff in a real aircraft.

The gaming flight simulator.

But there is another type of flight simulator, and that is the gaming simulator, of which there are many products available. In a gaming flight simulator, you will operate a simulated aircraft and fight in simulated battles. Most of these gaming flight sims will have battles from a particular war, and their aircraft will be replicas of aircraft from that war. For example, our own Aces High is a World War 2 flight simulator, so everything in our game replicates what you would have seen during World War 2.

Our computer-generated aircraft have instrument panels, just like real aircraft, and you will learn how to operate your plane, do maneuvers with it, and do battle with it against other flight sim gamers from around the world in a real-time battle of flying aces.

Try a free two-week download of Aces High.

Does it all sound complicated and confusing? We have heard that from beginners for years, and that is why we offer a free two-week download of our game, a chance for you to learn our game and how to operate your aircraft for free. We don’t want you spending money on a game and then wasting valuable time on learning how to play that game. We want you up and running once you actually pay your $14.95 subscription fee. By the way, we are one of the very few games which offers a free trial period, and we’ve done this since our inception in 2000.

A final word about Aces High.

Back in 1999, while we were beginning to write code for Aces High, we wrote out our mission statement, and in that statement we decided to make one game and one game only, and to devote all of our talents and time into making that game the absolute best combat flight simulator on the market.

We believe we accomplished our mission. Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

What was that movie called, with the weird car that could take you . . . Back to the Future . . . we think of that every time we sit down to play our combat simulator, Aces High. We come as close as possible to transporting you back in time to World War 2.

Our aircraft, our ships, our ground vehicles, we have replicated them to the finest details. We put you in the cockpit of a WW2 fighter jet and turn you loose to fly missions over enemy territory circa 1943. And you do battle against the best flight sim gamers on the planet.

Try our free two-week download and see for yourself just how real WW2 can be.