WWII History

It’s hard to believe we have been doing this World War 2 Trivia 453 times, but here we are, with another question, and there you are, ready to answer it. Let’s get started, shall we?

QUESTION: On June 2, 1944, Operation Frantic began. What was Operation Frantic?

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If you are a gamer, this is the Gold Standard. And if you are a historian, this game is the Gold Standard.

ANSWER: Operation Frantic was the Allied bombing of Debrecen, Hungary in June of 1944.

Welcome back to World War 2 Trivia and Installment #452. Let’s find out how smart you are today.

QUESTION: On June 22, 1944, Operation Bagration began. What was Operation Bargration?

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ANSWER: Operation Bagration was the Soviet attack to clear the German forces from Belarus, the result of which was the complete destruction of the German Army Center.

The popular World War 2 Trivia series continues with #451. Thanks for joining us. The game is pretty simple. We ask a question about World War 2, and you attempt to dazzle us with your knowledge. Let’s do this!

QUESTION: On June 19-20, 1944, the Battle of the Philippine Sea took place. This battle actually had a rather funny and famous nickname. What was that nickname?

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ANSWER: The Nickname for that battle was the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot!

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By now you surely know about World War 2 Trivia, brought to you by HiTech Creations, makers of the exciting World War 2 flight simulator, Aces High. It’s pretty simple, really. Twice weekly we ask World War 2 Trivia questions, and twice weekly we find out just how smart you are.

Are you ready for #450?

QUESTION: On May 27, 1944, Operation Horlicks began. What was Operation Horlicks?

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ANSWER: Operation Horlicks was the Allied invasion of Biak, Dutch New Guinea, a key Japanese air base.