WWII History

By now you should know how World War 2 Trivia works. It’s really pretty simple. We ask you a question, this time #397 in the series, and you attempt to answer. There are no prizes, other than bragging rights for anyone who gets the answer right.

Are you ready?

QUESTION: On May 9, 1941, the Japanese signed a peace treaty in Tokyo, ending a war they had been involved with. Who did they sign the peace treaty with, and what war did that signing end?

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ANSWER: The Japanese signed a peace treaty with the French, ending the French-Thai War.

World War 2 Trivia is back with #396. Thanks for joining us once again for a challenging trivia question. We are HiTech Creations, and we do one thing in this world – we produce the absolute best combat simulator on the market.

QUESTION: The Italian Spring Offensive was called off on March 20, 2020. Why?

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ANSWER: The Offensive was called off after heavy losses and hardly any progress at all by the Italians.

We are closing in on four-hundred installments of World War 2 Trivia, this being #395. Our hope is that you are enjoying this series as much as we enjoy presenting it to you, we being HiTech Creations, producer of Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators.

Let’s get started!

QUESTION: On March 13, 1931, the Luftwaffe struck Glasgow with a heavy force. What was the purpose of this airstrike?

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ANSWER: Glasgow had a shipping industry along the River Clyde, and Germany wanted to cripple that war industry.

We’ve all had academic classes in middle school, high school, and/or college about World War 2 History. We have all sat through lectures about the Battle of Britain or the Battle of Leyte. We have all read numerous accounts of the D-Day, and perhaps some of you out there know about aircraft production, aircraft types, and the ships used during that great war effort.

But the one thing none of us has ever done is actually take part in the war. How could we, right? The war ended what, seventy-five years ago? That would mean we would have to be ninety-five years old, give or take a year or two, and few of the World War 2 veterans are still among us.

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It’s hard to believe this is #394 in our World War 2 Trivia series. That means we have been doing two per week for almost 200 weeks, approaching four years of this trivia series. We sure hope you enjoy these challenging questions and will continue to join us every Tuesday and Thursday.

QUESTION: On January 5, 1941, Australian troops capture Bardia and 45,000 Italian prisoners are taken. This victory opens the way for the next target, 70 miles away. What was that key North African target?

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ANSWER: The victory at Bardia opened the door for the advance on Tobruk!