WWII History

World War 2 Trivia returns with #468. Thanks for joining us here at HiTech Creations, parent company of Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators.

QUESTION: On January 11, 1945, the first convoy moved along the Ledo Road in Northern Burma, linking what two countries?

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ANSWER: The Ledo Road connected India and China!

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Pretty hard to be the best against so many.

We stand by our statement. Aces High is the leader among World War 2 flight simulators, and in this article we will tell you why we are so certain of that fact. Read on and then rush to your computer and play Aces High.

Experience counts

The only number that counts in this discussion is 2000. That is the year HiTech Creations first burst upon the scene with their exciting MMO game Aces High. Long before so many of our competitors were even thinking of creating a flight sim game, Aces High was there, leading the way, setting the standard, and every year since then, twenty-one in total, we have improved our flight simulator so that it remains the absolute gold standard in combat simulators.

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Unparalleled support

We offer forums on every topic imaginable. We offer one-on-one coaching if you request it. We offer so many films we can’t even remember how many we have made. We offer seemingly endless articles. And all of that has one purpose: to make sure you have the support you need to receive the absolute best gaming experience with Aces High.

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Wrap it all up and what do you get?

Wrap it all up and you have the leader in World War 2 flight simulators. Period! End of story! We were the leader in 2000, and twenty-one years later we are still the leader.

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World War 2 Trivia, sponsored by Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators, is back with #466. Play along with us, won’t you?

QUESTION: The last major German offensive happened on January 1, 1945, as the German Luftwaffe attacked air bases in Belgium and Holland. What was the name of that offensive?

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ANSWER: The last German offensive was called Operation Baseplate!

If you have learned nothing else from World War 2 Trivia, and we hope you have learned many things, it’s that we love all things related to World War 2 here at HiTech Creations. Now, if you will, join us for World War 2 Trivia #467.

QUESTION: On January 7, 1945, the Germans, in an attempt to retake Strasbourg, break out of the “Colmar Pocket.” On what river is the “Colmar Pocket?”

Why do we love World War 2 so much? It’s hard to say, but what isn’t hard to say is that the staff at HiTech Creations is dedicated to making the absolute best combat flight simulator in Aces High. Download it today and have countless hours of challenging fun.

ANSWER: The “Colmar Pocket” was on the River Rhine.

To those who do not play combat simulators, it can be a bit confusing why so many people spend countless hours hunched over their computer, joystick in hand, doing combat with total strangers. “Aren’t there better things to do with their time,” they ask?

But for those who play online games like Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators, the answer, or answers, to that question are as obvious as the noses on their faces.

These, then, are the Top Five reasons why our Aces High players engage in World War 2 battle daily.


The entertainment factor was far and away the #1 reason why people play video games. The cost, when factored out over a month of playing a game daily, is ridiculously low, easily one of the best values in all of entertainment. Using Aces High as an example, the fee is $14.95 per month, and that is for unlimited play, 24/7, 365 days per year. An avid player is practically playing for free, and the entertainment, and competition, and challenges are non-stop.

Speaking of challenges . . .


Games like Aces High drop you into the action, in scheduled battles, against the best gamers in the world. They require you to make decisions on the fly, moving aircraft, ground vehicles, and ships into position for the best outcome in a battle. They require you to match wits with the best in the world. Every decision you make will determine an outcome, and every single time you play you find you are getting better at meeting those challenges.


Players around the world form a gaming bond. There is no other way to describe it. They can meet on the gaming forums. They can share experiences and share tips on how to best play a game. They know that no matter the time, or day, all they have to do is log on and their friends will be there, waiting to provide a rousing battle for the day. It’s hard to adequately explain how important this is to many gamers, but it is real and we see it daily on our combat flight simulator Aces High.

Intellectual stimulation

Gaming sometimes gets a bad rap from parents who think their children spend far too much time online, and some of that criticism is warranted. But there is no doubt that gaming provides intellectual stimulation, and this is backed up by leading psychologists who have studied this phenomena for years. Play Aces High and you will become sharper mentally, period, end of story.


You betcha, many flight sim gaming players play because the real world is just too much to bear at times. There is nothing wrong with a few hours of fun to get away from the pressures of the job, or the pressures of school, or all of the bad news hitting the airwaves and the internet.

A word about Aces High

Since 2000, Aces High has been one of the leading flight simulators on the market. That kind of longevity in a highly-competitive gaming world can only happen if we deliver the goods daily, and we do. Try our free two-week download of Aces High and find out for yourself why so many millions of people believe fervently in gaming.