WWII History

World War 2 Trivia is here for your enjoyment, and considering this is #473 in the series, you must be enjoying it. You know how this works: we ask a question about World War 2, you answer it, and you pat yourself on the back when you get it correct. Ready?

QUESTION: April 25, 1945, was named Elbe Day in Europe. What was the significance of Elbe Day in the war?

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ANSWER: Elbe Day celebrated the first contact between Soviet and American troops at the river Elbe, in Germany.

World War 2 Trivia is back with #472. Let’s see if you have what it takes to answer a challenging trivia question about World War 2.

QUESTION: On February 23, 1945, the U.S. Army staged the Raid on Los Banos, freeing 2147 Allied military prisoners. Where did this raid take place?

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ANSWER: The Raid on Los Banos took place in the Philippines!

World War 2 Trivia #471 is here with another challenging question about World War 2. Do you think you have the right stuff to answer it correctly? Let’s find out.

QUESTION: The U.S. Army won the Battle of Monte Castello on February 21, 1945. Who assisted them in this victory?

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ANSWER: The U.S. Army combined with the Brazilian forces for win the Battle of Monte Castello.

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World War 2 Trivia #470 is here with another challenging trivia question for all of your history buffs. Let’s find out just how smart you are with today’s question.

QUESTION: On February 14, 1945, the Bombing of Prague took place. What was strange about this bombing campaign? It was noteworthy for what reason?

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ANSWER: The Bombing of Prague was noteworthy because American planes bombed the wrong city.