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Conduct a Google search of “combat simulator” and be prepared for a veritable blizzard of options, which really shouldn’t be all that surprising since combat simulators have been produced for at least twenty-five years.

The question then becomes this: how do you choose from the dozens available? How do you know which one is best for you, and will provide you with the challenges and entertainment you seek?

Hopefully, this article will give you a game plan as you set out to choose from among the many flight sim games. Hopefully, your choice will be easier once you have read this article.

Let’s get started!

You can always read reviews online

There are countless online articles which include reviews of various World War 2 flight simulators. They are all titled something like “The Five Best combat simulators on the market,” and each of those articles give a compelling reason for their choice. The problem is that usually, not always but usually, those writing those reviews are influenced by the actual companies, either with free incentives or with actual monetary payment for the reviews.

Not exactly what we would call an objective opinion!

You can always join online forums for opinions

For sure, there are countless online forums discussing the combat flight simulator industry, and there are countless opinions in those forums. They are all valid for each individual, and no doubt they are genuine, for the most part. The problem, however, is they are individual opinions based on individual preferences. What one player likes about a game is not necessarily what you will like in a game, and don’t forget about skill levels. The opinion of an expert player may not be valid for a beginner.

You can always read the marketing info for each game

This would appear to be the least reliable approach of them all. Take five minutes out of your day and read the marketing info for two or three games. You will come away convinced that they are all the greatest thing since computer games were invented. How can you possibly believe the words of a marketing expert paid by a particular game?

Or you can test out each of the games for yourself

Which brings us to, what we believe, is the best way to choose from among the many combat simulators out there: actually play the games and find out for yourself which best fits your skill level and which best meets your needs.

Many games, like Aces High, offer a free test-drive of their game. Aces High, for example, offers a no-obligation free two-week download of Aces High. At the end of the two-week period, if you don’t like Aces High, you walk away, no harm, no foul. This seems like the only reliable way to tell if you really like the game.

And, in our opinion, if a gaming company does not offer a free trial period, you should walk about from that game.

So, get out there, test-drive a few combat simulators, kick their tires, check under the hood, and find out which one is best for you.

A word about Aces High

Introduced in 2000, Aces High has been thrilling competitors for over twenty years. It is a recognized leader in flight sim games.

World War 2 Trivia is back with another challenging question. Are you ready for Installment #449? Let’s find out!

QUESTION: On May 15, 130 Allied political leaders and military officers met at St. Paul’s School in Hammersmith, west of London, England. Why did they meet? What was the purpose of this very large gathering?

Have you played Aces High yet? If you are interested in World War 2, and if you like gaming, this combat simulator has everything you could want in a flight sim game.

ANSWER: The meeting was for a final joint briefing on D-Day, schedules for early June. It was determined that all systems were a go for the largest invasion Europe had ever seen.

With so many online games to choose from, a fair question would be this: why would one choose to play flight simulation games like Aces High? What makes flight simulation games worthwhile?

We are going to attempt to answer that question in this article, we being Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators.

From our website page

“High fidelity flight simulation is the heart of Aces High but it doesn't end there.  A war rages on the ground and at sea.  Engage enemy armor in tank combat.  Protect your fleet as a gunner or make a torpedo run in a PT boat.  Lead an assault in an amphibious vehicle.  With over 100 warbirds, vehicles, and boats available, you have access to a vast virtual arsenal.

Take part in special events such as historical scenarios where famous battles are recreated and reimagined or try your hand at air racing at tree top level against skilled competitors.”

Dig a little deeper into that last passage

As soon as you log onto to Aces High, you have a choice of various arenas currently open, and you are told the number of players who are currently involved in those each of those arenas. We aren’t just talking about any players; we are talking about some of the best flight sim players in the world. If you are a gamer who wants to be tested by the best, you’ll find the best waiting for you on Aces High.

You’ll then decide on the virtual arsenal you will use in the battle. You will then decide your strategy for that battle. And when you are ready, you’ll climb in the cockpit, put on your helmet, and rule the skies of Aces High.

Once you conquer one arena, move onto another, and another, testing your skills continually against the best gamers on Earth, 24/7, 365, in a virtual, unending, raucous continual battle over the Western Front of World War 2, the Eastern Front, and the Pacific Theater of World War 2.

But that’s not all!

Take part in special events. Each week we offer historical scenarios of famous battles. We recreate them and find out how you would handle yourself in those historical settings. How would you do in the Battle of Britain? How would you do in the Normandy Invasion, or the Battle of Leyte?

And when you’re tired of taking part in battles (as if that’s even possible), you can test your skills in special events like air racing and others, all aiming to declare a King of the Air on any given week.

Why Aces High?

As if we haven’t answered that question already, let us say this: Aces High has been around for twenty years, since 2000, and been one of the leading flight sim games for that long. That kind of longevity only happens if you are delivering the goods. Aces High delivers challenges. Aces High delivers nonstop excitement. In a crowded retail world overflowing with wannabes and imposters, Aces High is one of the originals, the King of the Hill, taking on all comers.

And we are waiting for you!

World War 2 Trivia is back, Installment #448, and we think we have a question which is going to stump you this week. Are you ready for the challenge?

QUESTION: On May 6, 1944, there are heavy Allied bombings of the European mainland. Those bombings were in preparation for what event?

Thankfully we don’t fight air battles any longer over the European mainland, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the split-second decisions and actions of a fighter pilot. Sign up for Aces High, the combat simulator with attitude, and rule the skies over Europe or the Pacific.

ANSWER: The bombing campaign of May 6th was in preparation for Operation Overlord, scheduled for June 5th.

How much longer will World War 2 Trivia appear on this website? It’s anyone’s guess. As long as people are enjoying this offering from HiTech Creations, makers of Aces High, the leader in World War 2 flight simulators, we will just keep on keeping on.

Let’s play #447!

QUESTION: On April 22, 1944, Operations Reckless and Persecution began. What was the mission of these two operations?

Have you played Aces High? Do you have any desire to play a MMO game and fight some battles in World War 2, from the comfort of your home? Try our free two-week download of Aces High today.

ANSWER: Operations Reckless and Persecution were designed to cut off Japanese forces in Wewak.