Released September 17, 2008

Installing the patch manually

To install the patch manually, you will need to download the correct patch executable file. WARNING: Failure to install the correct patch will render the game corrupt and require a full download and installation.

Check the current version of the game you have installed by starting the game. In the opening screen is the version and patch number. It is located in the upper left corner of your computer display.

If your current version is Version 2.12 Patch 4
Use this patch to reach Version 2.13, if you wish to install it manually.

If your computer is running the Windows Vista operating system, and having problems using the game's auto-updater, right-click on the Aces High startup ICON, and select "Run as administrator". Only do this for updating the game.

If are running Aces High with the high resolution texture package, you must update that package as well.


Changes from previous release

  • Added triple screen support through the Matrox TripleHead2Go unit. Also added new field of view options for users with widescreen monitors. You can access the new FOV options in the video setup menu.
  • Added an option in the Flight Options menu to auto-record all your sorties. If you enable this the film recorder will automatically begin at the beginning of your sortie and stop at the end.
  • The film recorder now prompts you with the option to rename, save or don't save when you stop recording. If you have autofilming enabled, yiou will get this prompt at the end of your sortie.
  • 8 Player Lan play is no longer supported.
  • Added new tank, T-34/85.
  • Updated Il-2 3D model.
  • Updated F6F 3D model.
  • Updated N1K2 3D model.
  • Updated Me 262 3D model.
  • Added Il-2 Type 3M ordnance option (dual 37mm cannons) to the Il-2.
  • Fixed a problem with TrackIR support that didn't give players the proper head position movement in various planes.
  • You can now rearm your own bomber when you take drones. Note that if you still have surviving drones when you rearm, they will neither rearm nor take off again.
  • Fixed a size scaling issue with the airfield tower.
  • Fixed a problem in the B-25s and Lavochkins that caused blood on the cockpit glass to obscure icons.
  • Ostwind and Wirbelwind track damage is no longer reversed.
  • Fixed a display issue in the B-25C's bombsight.
  • Fixed a problem that allowed T-34s to remain mostly impervious to field autoguns.
  • Adjusted the sight in the T-34 so that the range marks no longer get cut off at the bottom.
  • Adjusted turret traversal rate in the Firefly.
  • P-39 37mm ammo weight is no longer zero.
  • Fixed a LOD bug in the T-34.
  • Fixed a ground collision issue in the B-25s, B-17, and Lavochkins that kept their wings from breaking off from ground strikes.
  • Fixed a graphic error on the La-7's 3 gun blister.
  • Fixed a bug with the B-25's engine starting smoke.
  • Added a total fuel gauge to the Lavochkins.
  • Changed the labels on the B-25s elevator trim gauge.
  • Fixed a shading issue on B-25 bullet holes.
  • Fixed 190A5 rocket tube weight.
  • Removed damage artifact polys from the SBD, Lanc, C47, TBM, Ki-67, and P-47N.
  • P-38's gear down LOD distance was increased.
  • Fixed several Spitfire gauges that weren't precisely centered.
  • Fixed visual discrepency on FW 190's cockpit glass when viewed at a distance.
  • Changed material properties of sheep so they aren't shiny.
  • Fixed sorting error on F4U drop tank.
  • B5N landing gear no longer hide when raised.
  • Fixed a small hole in the vehicle hangar that could be shot through.
  • Right vertical stab of the B-24 now displays in the damage list.
  • LVTA4 pintle gun now gets damaged correctly.
  • Cowl gun damage was reversed on several models of the Bf 109.
  • Radiator leaks on 110's no longer remain after wing is destroyed.
  • B-26 wing fire and oil leaks no longer remain after wing is destroyed.
  • Fixed a collision bug on the dual 5" cruiser guns.
  • Fixed a combat trim problem in the A6M5 at high speed.

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