Released April 8, 2010

Installing the patch manually

To install the patch manually, you will need to download the correct patch executable file.


WARNING: Failure to install the correct patch will render the game corrupt and require a full download and installation.


Check the current version of the game you have installed by starting the game. In the upper left corner of the opening screen is the version and patch number.

If your current version is Version 2.18 Patch 4
Use this patch (16.81 MBytes) to reach Version 2.18 Patch 6, if you wish to install it manually.

All other versions will need to use the game auto-updater to reach Version 2.18 Patch 5.

Changes from previous release

  • Added a "Fix Key" dialog in the keymapper. Certain laptops and keyboards may use non-standard scan codes which will cause the key to not function correctly in the game. The Fix Key dialog can be used to map a non-functional key to make it functional.
  • You can now press a key while keymapper is open to select that key for assigning.
  • The keymapper will now show you what function a current key is assigned to when you press it.
  • Added an option in the advanced graphics to turn shadowing on for other planes. This will impact your video performance and is intended for machines with high end video cards.
  • The .target now goes away when you switch from offline to online mode.
  • The "ignore recorded views" option in the film viewer now also ignores jumping to different gunner positions.
  • Added a message when you fly a perk plane that displays the calculated perk cost of the plane you are flying at the moment you took off. This is the perk cost you will be charged if you lose the plane.
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle resupplies to not repair all components on certain vehicles.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Dr.1 to retain some aileron control after both ailerons were gone.
  • Fixed a problem that caused collisions to damage the wrong or phantom components.
  • Autotakeoff mode no longer starts with the flaps deployed on any planes.
  • Corrected the pintle gun on the LVTA4 so that the bullets originate at the muzzle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused transsonic effects not to kick in at that part of the flight envelope.
  • Fixed an issue that caused gunners to look like they were pointed in the opposite direction that they were facing.
  • Changed the texture on the DVII's tachometer to move the redline.
  • Changed the turrets of the flakpanzers so that a penetration through the top armor is required to apply additional damage after the turret is taken out.
  • Centered the compass on the Ar234.
  • Airshowsmoke now comes off the same wing when flying a biplane.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an uneven force in the tailplane of the Me262.
  • Redid the combat trim settings on the Me262.
  • Changed how fuel is loaded in the fuel tanks of the Me262 for the various hangar loadout choices to minimize CG shifts for different fuel loads.
  • Fixed a problem that caused a sound tick when you ran out of fuel in a plane.
  • Fixed a bug that under specific circumstances could cause invalid CV waypoints to be set resulting in CV's moving through land masses.
  • Added recoil animations on the Il2, PT boat, Firefly, SdKfz 251, Wirblewind, M3, M8, B25's, LVT's. We'll continue to update others in future releases.
  • Fixed an LoD issue on some tree objects and vegetation to prevent dissappearing when object details settings were low.
  • Fixed some floating wing damage remnants on the Dr.1 and F2B.
  • Bullet holes now show up on the fuselage of Spitfires. Also fixed an issue with the gunsight cutting off bullet holes in the windscreen on the Spits.
  • Made a change to the autopilot to give it the ability to use more down elevator when needed.

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