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This is a valid question in the year 2021: should children be allowed to play combat flight simulators online? With or without parental supervision?

We are asked this question often, we being HiTech Creation, creators of Aces High, the combat simulator with attitude, one of the leading World War 2 flight simulators since 2000. Because we have been in the gaming business for over twenty years, our opinion on this important question carries some weight. We would like to believe that the opinion we offer, in this article, is based upon logic and a genuine concern for children, and not from any attempt to sell our flight sim game.

Having said that, let’s look at this question of children playing MMO flight sim games.

Is Aces High violent?

Despite the fact that Aces High is a “combat” flight simulator, we really don’t believe it can be considered violent. Yes, it is a World War 2 simulation, but it is not a graphically-violent game. We can name ten games off the top of our heads, very quickly, which we consider to be very violent and quite graphic in their violence. Surely you can as well. But no, Aces High is not graphically-violent. In fact, we would argue that many Saturday morning cartoons are infinitely more violent than Aces High. Sit down and watch old episodes of “The Roadrunner,” or “Bugs Bunny,” if you want to see some serious violence.

This is not to say that our graphics are not good, because we believe them to be outstanding. It’s just to say that the graphics are not violent in nature, no more so than playing the board game “Battleship.”

Is there such a thing as “too much of a good thing?”

We believe so, yes, and we believe it for any online game. We have written articles detailing the advantages of playing online games. We believe they help a child develop hand-eye coordination, and they help to learn problem-solving. But too much online gaming, as a substitute for, say, playing outside, is not good. We strongly urge parents to limit online gaming for any child no matter the age, and balance online playing with actual outside playing. Feed the mind, feed the body, and you’ll have a healthy youngster. Too much of one, not enough of the other, and you risk stunting part of the physical or mental growth.

Bottom line about Aces High

Many of our staff are parents as well as game developers. We understand, and we without hesitation state that we have no problem with our children playing Aces High, as soon as they are old enough to learn how to interact and follow the gaming instructions.

But we limit the play of our kids. We have to. We want our kids to play Little League and Youth basketball. We want our kids to take part in school plays and debate clubs. We want our kids to be well-rounded children so they will become well-rounded teens and then adults.

Try our free two-week download of Aces High and find out for yourself.

So sayeth the creators of Aces High, the combat flight simulator with attitude, leading the way since 2000.

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