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You better bring you’re A-Game if you plan on playing World War 2 Trivia. This game isn’t for the casual history buffs. This game is for brainiacs who live and breathe all things World War 2. Want proof? Here’s World War 2 Trivia #442. See how you do!

QUESTION: On April 5, 1944, U.S. Air Force bombed Ploesti in Romania. Why was that bombing raid conducted?

Have you ever wondered what it was like, flying raids over the Western Front of World War 2? Well, Aces High is as close as you can come to doing that. Our World War 2 flight simulator puts you in the cockpit and pits you against hundreds of other flight sim players from around the world.

Strap on your helmet and fly the skies with Aces High!

ANSWER: Ploesti, Romania, was known for their oil fields!

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