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Listen, before we even begin this article about becoming a better combat flight simulator gamer, we need to make a statement: we are fully aware that this is simply our opinion on how to improve your gaming skills. There are many opinions on this topic, so take what we say with a grain of salt.

However, we have been making one of the leading combat simulators, Aces High, for twenty-three years now, so we have at least a little credibility as we write this article. We are HiTech Creations, and twenty-three years ago we made the decision to make one video game, and one only, and try to make it the best on the market. That game was Aces High, a rockin’ good time for anyone who enjoys a good flight sim game.

Now, let’s tackle that question.

Good equipment is nice

There is no doubt that a better computer will increase your reaction time in gaming. The newer processors, and the gig capabilities, all spell serious responsiveness when you give a command while playing any game.

Just like the best athletes will always have the best equipment (because even the smallest of advantage can mean a win), the best gamers tend to have the biggest, baddest computers and accessories.

However, an old saying our dad’s were fond of . . . you can put a dress on a pig, but at the end of the day, you still have a pig.

Good instructions and mentoring sure helps

Just as great equipment helps in becoming a better player, so too does good instruction and mentoring from experienced players. This is one reason we have very active forums on Aces High, as well as one-on-one instruction when asked for. Experience is a great teacher, and if you have the chance to learn from the best, take it.

However, experience cannot teach reaction time or split-second decision-making.

Bottom line: The best way to improve

So, we come down to this, the best way to improve at a game, in our humble opinion . . . the best way it to practice, practice, and then, in your spare time, practice some more. We understand that some players may not want to hear that, but we believe that time spent honing a skill will equate in an improved skill over time. Practice may not make perfect, but it sure does get you closer to perfect over time. And we know, in this era of instant gratification, no one wants to hear that they need to practice a skill, but it is the truth as we see it at HiTech Creations.

A final word about HiTech Creations and Aces High

Make one game and make it the best flight sim game on the market . . . that was our game plan back in 1999, and it is still our game plan today. We have not strayed from it, we have not deviated, and we have not entertained thoughts of changing our business plan.

And Aces High is the net result of that plan.

Strap on your flight helmet and fly the skies with Aces High.

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