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It is only natural to wonder if there are shortcuts which can be used when playing a combat simulator like Aces High. It is, in fact, a fairly common question and so, today, we will answer that question.

As you most likely know, Aces High is the wildly popular combat flight simulator, created by HiTech Creations in 1999 and released in 2000, making it one of the longest-running flight sim games on the market. Try our free two-week download and find out for yourself just how much fun Aces High can be.

Now, let’s talk shortcuts.

What is a combat simulator shortcut?

A shortcut in any computer activity, app, or game, is a simpler way to do something. That is the basic explanation for all shortcuts. When talking about a combat flight simulator, players are basically asking if there is an easier way to fly an aircraft, or a shortcut in carrying out an attack . . . that sort of thing.

Does Aces High have combat simulator shortcuts?

With that as a definition, we answer the next question, which is does our game, Aces High, have shortcuts related to the playing of the game, and our answer is no.

We do have shortcuts when it comes to making screenshots, and a few other shortcuts which are directly related to the technical aspects of the game, but no shortcuts which give a player an advantage while playing the game.

And why is that? Because we believe combat should be determined according to the skill of the victor, and not some trick which may, or may not, be known by all competitors. When we first designed our game, this question did come up, and there was a serious discussion about it. But, in the end, our desire to make Aces High a competitive game based on playing skill overruled the need for shortcuts.

The real way to improve is . . .

The bottom line is this: if you want an advantage while playing Aces High, the only true way to do that is to practice and improve your game. That is why we make it so convenient for our players to get help in learning our game. We offer hundreds of articles and hundreds of videos. Our forums are running 24/7, so anyone with a question about how to play our game can get an answer very quickly. And, unlike many games, we also offer one-on-one tutoring and training upon request, an invaluable aid in learning how to play our flight sim game like a pro.

Add it all together and we will make this claim: Anyone who puts in the time, and is dedicated to improving their play, will improve in a relatively short span of time. You will be playing our outstanding combat flight simulator like a boss in no time at all.

A final word about Aces High

You can count the number of combat simulators which have been around since 2000 on one hand, and among them, Aces High is clearly the choice of serious gamers. Try our free two-week download and find out how much fun Aces High can be.

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