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We made this same claim about Aces High when we introduced it to the public in 2000, and we are still making that claim today. However, the speed of that high speed may vary from player to player, and we will explain that cryptic message in this article.

We are HiTech Creations, the creators of Aces High, the combat simulator which has led the pack for twenty-three years. We invite you to read on and find out why Aces High has been so popular for so many years.

What does high speed really mean?

Here’s the thing about claims of high speed in the gaming industry: the speed at which you play any game is determined by your skill level and the capabilities of your computer or gaming console.

Every single year, the techs at HiTech Creations tweak our flight sim game, making it the best version it can be at that particular time. However, there is only so much we can do to make you a great gamer. The rest is up to you.

As with any skill, your prowess increases as your skill improves, and in the gaming industry, that means quicker reactions; in particular, with combat games like Aces High, quicker reactions means more and more wins. So, the first step in increasing your gaming speed is to improve your gaming skills.

And that means practice, and that means hour and hours of training and competition. That is why Aces High is loaded with forums, with articles, with training videos, and even offer one-on-one training should you need it, all aimed at increasing your speed and skill.

But your skill is only part of the high-speed discussion. The other part is the equipment you are using to play a game. How capable is your laptop? How many gigs is it packing? How good is the processor? Do you have a joystick? You can be the greatest gamer on the planet, but if you are playing with an inferior computer you will lost to some inferior players.

Thus, great skill plus great game plus great equipment truly equal high speed in the gaming industry.

No matter what it means, Aces High delivers on the excitement.

High speed or low speed, one thing we can promise: our combat flight simulator will give you countless hours of entertainment and exciting experiences. How do we know that? Because our customers have said that for twenty-three years. In this highly competitive gaming industry, do you really think Aces High would have survived if we did not deliver on the excitement?

Our mission statement is good as gold.

Twenty-three years ago we wrote down this mission statement: We were going to make one game, and one game only, and that game would be the very best combat simulator on the market.

We are still standing tall in 2023, our mission statement is still the same, and we invite you to give us a try. We offer a free two-week download of Aces High, no credit card required. That way you can see for yourself that what we are claiming is, in fact, the truth.

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