Flight Simulators

In today’s world few of us will actually get the opportunity to fly an airplane. It is a cost-prohibitive process for most of us and extremely time-consuming for the average person. There is no need, however, to be discouraged because online plane flight simulators can bring you as close to the sensation of flying as you can possibly be without slipping on your goggles and climbing into an actual cockpit.

And why is that you ask? Simply because today’s flight simulators are capable of delivering incredibly life-like action from your very own living room. Go online and check out the options but a few things should be available in the flight simulator you choose or don’t bother with it.

First, a large choice of airplanes should be offered. Much of the challenge in these online games comes from learning the controls and feel of the different planes that you fly. In the game Aces High over 100 planes, vehicles, and boats are available for your enjoyment and challenge including the famous F6F-5 Hellcat, the Spitfire Mk I, the A6M Zero and many other WW 2 legendary aircraft. Each plane offers a new set of challenges for the beginning or experienced gamer.

Second, make sure there are a number of different locales or sceneries to choose from. Quality online flight sim games will offer a variety of “arenas” to test your flying prowess on and the topographic details will be of high quality. Again, with Aces High gamers are offered multiple choices of WWII arenas over Europe and the Pacific Theatres.

Finally make sure that the game has realistic controls so that the experience is as life-like as possible. In a good plane flight simulator you can practically feel the reaction of your plane when you manipulate the controls making your plane roll, pitch, bank, and swerve in and out of action.

An added benefit of most online games is that you are never alone if you don’t want to be. Hundreds of gamers from around the world can join you in any arena you choose to make the action hectic, fast-paced, and the kind of excitement stay-at-home pilots can only hope to experience.

Look up in the sky the next time you hear a plane going overhead. From the ground looking up it seems a rather serene experience. Now imagine sitting in the 3-D cockpit of your own Hellcat, taking on all comers in a fight to the death above the Pacific Ocean in 1944. Tracers light up the sky, explosions surround you and the enemy is relentless as you try to make it back to home base and safety. You can do that and more from your favorite easy chair; all you have to do is download a flight simulator like Aces High and find out what all the excitement is about.

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