Flight Simulators

So what does one look for in a flight simulator? That is indeed the question someone must ask and answer when shopping around for an online flight simulation game. Without an accurate representation of what actual flying is like, all you are left with is a video game of very low standards. You can have the greatest graphics known to mankind but if the player doesn’t feel the thrill of actual flying then what’s the point?

In 1937 the RAF (Royal Air Force) standardized the panel in cockpits that would be used for at least the next twenty years. They chose six essential instruments necessary for any navigation of aircraft. Those six were:

  • Airspeed indicator
  • Artificial horizon
  • Vertical speed indicator (rate of climb)
  • Altimeter
  • Directional gyro (compass)
  • Turn and bank indicator (aircraft altitude)

Several of these and their functions are obvious. Some need an explanation. The artificial horizon indicator shows the aircrafts position with relation to the horizon, thus helping the pilot tell whether the wings are level and the nose of the airplane is pointed up or down. The magnetic compass, or directional gyro, was a little bit misleading at times since it always pointed towards the magnetic north, a point of reference that is constantly changing due to the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic field. To correct this problem, a heading indicator was oftentimes used to indicate true north, the Earth’s axis point.

Checking these instruments was crucial, especially during combat as quick turns made it nearly impossible to discern direction. The pilot simply had enough to worry about trying to remain alive during an aerial combat. Thus the position of these instruments was extremely important to give the pilot an easy read. Generally the instruments were positioned in the classic T arrangement and were standardized in most aircraft so that pilots could acclimate themselves quickly no matter which type of plane they were flying.

In online WWII combat games like Aces High the players strap themselves into a realistic 3-D cockpit, become familiar with the standard instrument panel, and actually feel the thrill of flying a WWII combat plane during dogfights. Remember when choosing an online game, if it doesn’t feel life-like there is no reason wasting your time and money on it. There are too many games out there like Aces High that do deliver an accurate depiction of flying so why settle for second-best?

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