Flight Simulators

Flight simulators have been used as far back as World War I. Designed to re-create aircraft flight and the flying environment, they have proven invaluable in training pilots how to navigate an aircraft.

During World War II the main pilot trainer was the Link Trainer, many of which were used in the United States and Canada in preparing young men for combat. Ironically some of the Link Trainers were even purchased by the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Arm prior to Pearl Harbor.  Another simulator used was the Silloth Trainer, which used an analogue system that allowed the pilot to “feel” resistance when moving the controls. Later there was a simulator designed to simulate flight at night called the Celestial Navigation Trainer and it could accommodate an entire flight crew.

No matter which simulator was used, the express purpose was to come as close as possible to actual flight realities. The environment (turbulence, clouds, precipitation) could be altered as well as outside stimuli like anti-aircraft shells, incoming attack planes, and malfunctioning controls.

As the years progressed computer hardware made it possible to simulate flying on a personal computer, and that brings us to online flight simulator games. World War II games like Aces High have reached a level of sophistication that leaves a player with a serious adrenalin rush while playing. Different terrains can be used, combat missions flown against other gamers from around the world, atmospheric conditions constantly changing, these and other alterations make these online 3d multiplayer games just about as realistic as you can get without actually flying at 20,000 feet.

3D cockpits are now simulated in the better online flight simulators to add to the sense of realism. About the only thing missing are actual wounds sustained during the flight mission, although you may pull some muscles as you rapidly maneuver your flight controls.

If you have never tried Aces High do so today; try the free two-week download and get a feel for the game, then sign on for endless challenges against the best online pilots in the world.

Flight Sim Screen Shots