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This article is about the Player with the callsign HeavyH

Personal Data[edit]

  • Year of Birth: 1960
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States of America
  • State: Washington
  • City: Seattle
  • Occupation: Plumber / business owner
  • Interests: (aside from my beautiful wife..) aviation, gun collecting, fly fishing, hunting, cooking, photography

Pilot Data[edit]

  • Callsign: HeavyH
  • Squad: 332nd Flying Mongrels since November 2004
  • Previous Squad(s): Nasty Dead Men (NDM)
  • Preferred Planes: F4U-1A
  • AH since: early 2004

About HeavyH[edit]

I grew up loving airplanes. I enlisted in the USAF in 1982, spent 4 years working in the SR-71 program as a flightline Crew Chief. Transfered to Oregon Air National Guard as full time Technician, working on F-4C's for 2 years. Entered plumbing trade in 1988, became partner in Seattle based plumbing company in 2003. Obtained private pilot license in 1997, I have about 230 hours in my log book in the C-172, Piper Tomahawk, and Piper Warrier. although I am not current now, I plan to continue my training one day, and would like to earn an instrument rating. My highlight in aviation was a 2 day cross country trip from Seattle to Las Vegas, complete with many weather related problems, last minute decisions, plenty of "IFR" (I follow roads), and one scary take off in Bakersfield in 90 degree heat. I love hunting and fishing. I have been a dedicated fly fisherman for 25 years now. I love salt water fly fishing, and can't wait to spend a week in June 09 fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys. I will also spend 5 days in Louisana this fall fishing for reds. Bonefish in the Bahamas are on the radar as well. Hunting big game has taken a back seat for me, and I can see a day when I just hang it up. I will never give up waterfowling though!

As for my love life... well lets just say that I have had my challenges in that department. I am happy to be able to say that those days are forever behind me. I met my beautiful wife in May 2006, and from that day, life just couldn't be better. With Alona being from the Philippines, our relationship did come with certain frustrations initially (and many 400.00 phone bills). I made 3 trips there in 12 months, and she joined me here in the USA in May 2007. We were married in June 2007, and are planning to start our own family in the near future. My son from a previous marriage is 18 now and heading to college this fall. I'm not quite sure what I did to finally deserve a partner like Alona, but I thank God every day for his part in bringing us together.

I am not spending as much time these days playing AH2, but I do love the game. I have a new found love for the F4U-1A. When I need to carry bombs and then dogfight, I tend to fly the F6F or C-Hog. I can't stand bombers, probably since I can't seem to do anything in them except plow the infield. I suck at GV's, mostly because I just don't care. I jump in a tank from time to time, but usually for a quick fix, as I know I will be in the tower soon. My idea of GREAT FUN is to bomb GV's at tank town on the center island map. I know it really upsets some, but to me, that's like a lion staking out a water hole for a meal. Like my uncle once told me... "you hunt elk where they live".

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