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Keith Young, 26 years old, from West Michigan. Currently attending University of Tennessee in Knoxville.


Country: Knights

Squad: (+) Precision

Favorite Fighters: P-38L, N1K, F6F-5, P-51D

Favorite Bombers: B-25H, A-20G

Favorite GV's: Wirbelwind

Favorite way to irritate: Showing people that HO me how much they suck.

Cool/weird/stupid things I've done in game: Landed planes on the Bomber Hangar. Flown a P38L through the VH door. Landed a Zero on a destroyer, only to have the game say I ditched.

A Zero landed right next to our FH while the field was being vulched, so he could shoot you from behind from the ground as you took off. He had a Wirb next to him. I upped and immediately bailed, and ran around the back of the Wirb. The Zero pilot saw this and applied full throttle, but I got next to him and headshot the pilot with my 45 and his plane blew up.

Equipment: Dell Latitude D830. Saitek X52. Shitty mic. TrackIR 5.


Grew up loving military history, especially the planes. The only big fit I ever remember throwing as a kid was when I wanted to buy a book with all my favorite jets in it, with all their weapons loadouts, and my mom wouldn't let me (cause she already bought it for christmas turns out). Ended up working at airport KBIV first cleaning planes and helping a little with other stuff like watching wings while stacking the hangar. Eventually I was flight line, fueling and moving the aircraft among other stuff. Got laid off about 6 months after the terrorists terrorists terrorists.

Always flew flight simulators, started with 98. At one point I owned every Janes sim. I couldn't get F-15 to work, so my favorite was Longbow. I wasn't allowed to buy Falcon 4.0 for whatever reason.

I also used to build model planes, which mostly came from my uncle every giftworthy holiday. I had an F-14 flying next to an F-18 landing (I hung then all from my ceiling with fishing line, except the tanks) 2 P-51s shooting down 2 109s. 2 P40s shooting down 2 Zeros. At least 1 P38, I don't remember what it was doing. 2 AH-64s and an A-10 over my aquarium. A 48 scale B52 I hung on the wall, they were all 48 scale but this one stood out. SR-71 and F117 I hung under an American Flag I had right over my bed. The F117 fell on my face once and I bled like a stuck pig. Also had an F15 and F16, and A20 I never finished cause I couldn't find the right paint, PBY5 I didn't finish, and after that time I started playin more with Lego Technic and computer games than making models.

Been playing Aces High 2 years or so now. Hard to say how good I am, I bail out etc so I have a low score, but I've tangled with the best and won a couple times, so I'm content.