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Player information for the Aces High user ShyGuy12

Player information[edit]

Birthdate: September 11, 1994

Player Name: ShyGuy12

Country: USA

State: North Carolina

Preferred aircraft and vehicles: B-17G, P-38J, FM2, Sherman VC, Spitfire Mk IX, A-20G, B-25C, B-25H

Squadron: ROLLINGTHUNDER, although former leader of 93rd Bombardment Group

ShyGuy12 in Aces High[edit]

I have been a member of Aces High for almost two years going through a couple of name changes. I also have lead a couple of squadrons, but now have no interest of leading a squadron anymore due to members not showing up. My interests are especially the military. I'm great with history especially World War II and the Vietnam War. I appear mostly in the Training arena, Late war Orange and Blue arenas, I occasionaly go to the Dueling Arena. Even though I am school, I still try to take my time to play Aces High II and a couple of other games. I tend to take time with my dad and go places such as air force bases like Seymoure-Johnson and sometimes to Pope AFB, but not much anymore due to base closure soon to allow expansion for Fort Bragg Army Base. Back to Aces High, I have taken a couple of breaks from Aces High, but now I'm beginning to play more. In the Training arena, I am there to take a break from the main arenas and to try to help people in need, even though I'm not a trainer. I have a name change now, and my new game ID is Rafale93. I'm now a part of ROLLINGTHUNDER.