Today we released Version 3.02 Patch 0 of Aces High III.  Here is the list of changes.
1. Changed the text in the original "Set Game ID" window.

2. Cut and paste now works in edit windows.

3. The terrain editor now reports Task Group Position errors correctly.

4. Fixed a bug that was causing the radio and room dialog boxes to not save their position in VR.

5. The Terrain Editor now copies the "_EV.htx" and "_CL.htx" files to the stdshape.

6. The object editor will now build the ".htx" files for standard tile overlays.

7. Upgraded to Oculus 1.16 API library.

8. Changed the way new accounts are created. New accounts will now use the email for logins. Existing accounts will still use their current account names.

9. You can now link your Oculus account to an existing account.

10. Added auto pilot light to the ME110.

11. Updated the FM2, F4F-4, and D3A1 models.

12. Updated some ordnance shapes.

13. Changed LOD (level of detail) settings on some tracers.

14. Fixed the rudder animation on the Ki-61-I-Tei.

15. Added new pilot to the Ki-61-I-Tei, A6M2, A6M3 and Ki-43-II.

16. Decreased the gun sight tint on all planes.

17. Changed the account administration to support Steam, and Oculus login ID's.

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