January 15, 2014

These are some preview shots of the upcoming new addition to Aces High. The Russian Tupolev TU-2 bomber as modeled by Superfly and skinned by our newest addition to the skinner team, Kazan.


TU-2 S1 bomber screenshot on aces high flight simTU-2 S2 new bomber screenshot for aces high combat flight simulator


TU-2 S3 screenshot of new bomber on aces high combat flight simulatorTU-2 S4 screenshot of new bomber on aces high wwii flight simulator

December 6, 2013

Due to the hazardous road conditions, our office will be closed today.

November 15, 2013

We have been working towards a new terrain engine for Aces High since late August.  We thought we would give you a preview of how the effort has been progressing.

This is an early development preview and there are a number of things which still need to be implemented.

November 20, 2013

This video demonstrates the new terrain self-shadowing feature.


January 6, 2014

alex screenshot for aces high pilot rankings of flight sim game


Kudos to the top pilots of Tour 167.  Tour 168 is currently underway.

----->Late War
Top Overall Ranking –  Sq11, runner-up  Bruv119
Top Fighter Ranking – Snailman, runner-up 
Top Bomber Ranking –
Sirloin, runner-up Sq11
Top Attack Ranking –
Snailman, runner-up Bruv119
Top Vehicle Ranking – Triton1, runner-up

----->Mid War
Top Overall Ranking – Seadog36, runner-up BigC68
Top Fighter Ranking – 
Shuffler, runner-up Seadog36
Top Bomber Ranking –
FlatIron, runner-up Nisr
Top Attack Ranking – Shuffler, runner-up
Top Vehicle Ranking –
Black70, runner-up Seadog36

----->Early War
Top Overall Ranking – lyric1, runner-up Muttman
Top Fighter Ranking – FlatIron, runner-up zro
 Top Bomber Ranking –
kimchee, runner-up  lyric1
Top Attack Ranking –
Chalenge, runner-up  Muttman
Top Vehicle Ranking –
lyric1, runner-up  Chalenge


Flight Sim Screen Shots