October 13, 2011

A new version of Aces High is now available for download.  You can update via the in-game autoupdater.  Read the 2.26 Patch 1 information page for more for details on manually updating and changes in the new version. 


Update: We quickly advanced the version up to Patch 1 to fix a bug with ship and drone gunners plus a few other things.

October 11, 2011

We have updated the Panzer IV Ausf H for the next version of Aces High.  We will also be introducing a new earlier Panzer IV variant, the Ausf F.  The new variant can be outfitted as an F1 with the short barreled 75mm KwK37 L/24 or as an F2 with the more powerful KwK40 L/43.

Greebo made both of these skins.  The Ausf F skin is a tank from the 14th Panzer Division operating in Southern Russia in 1942.  The Ausf H paint scheme is from the 2nd Panzer Division based in France in the Spring of 1944.


Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

panzer-iv-ausf-f screenshot of updated tank on aces high flight sim gamepanzer 4f screenshot of aces high tank updated version for combat flight simulator

panzer-4-ausf-f updated tank version on aces high combat flight simulatorpanzer-4h updated version screenshot of tank on aces high wwii flight simulator

October 5, 2011

Kudos to the top pilots of Tour 140. Tour 141 is now underway.

----->Late War
Top Overall Ranking – Bruv119 runner-up Lt
Top Fighter Ranking – DragonH5
, runner-up TwinTail
Top Bomber Ranking – rainnman, runner-up Tracers

Top Attack Ranking – Bruv119, runner-up Lt
Top Vehicle Ranking – prowl3r, runner-up

----->Mid War
Top Overall Ranking – Seadog36, OKIEE tied
Top Fighter Ranking – Dotcommi
, runner-up Shuffler
Top Bomber Ranking – Bul1dog2, runner-up OKIEE
Top Attack Ranking – akELFY, runner-up wil3ur
Top Vehicle Ranking –
JugHead, runner-up TwinTail

----->Early War
Top Overall Ranking – cujo, runner-up vonKrimm
Top Fighter Ranking –
JugHead, runner-up Norad
Top Bomber Ranking – cujo, runner-up lyric1
Top Attack Ranking – brogy, runner-up trippp
Top Vehicle Ranking –
lyric1, runner-up stickpig

World War I

Top Overall/Fighter Ranking – JDOD, runner-up cuervo

October 7, 2011

We're completing out the P-40 Warhawk lineup in Aces High with the P-40N. This will give us a good coverage of the P-40 variants and make the Special Events guys and skinners especially happy, not to mention the Aussies and Kiwis. 

The P-40N was the last production version of the P-40. It was also the most produced variant in the family with over 5200 built.   Cactuskooler again made this very cool skin.  The paint scheme of this aircraft is "Lucky", flown by Lt. Richard West of the 35th Fighter Squadron of the 8th Fighter Group.


Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

P40 Warhawk screenshots of new aircraft versions on aces high flight sim game.P40N Warhawk screenshots of aircraft updates on aces high combat flight simulatorCurtiss P40 Warhawk screenshots for aces high flight sim updates

October 3, 2011

Introducing the M-18 Hellcat, the first tank destroyer in Aces High coming soon.  The M-18 Hellcat was the fastest tracked AFV of WW2 with a top speed in excess of 50 mph.  In addition to its high speed it has respectable firepower from its 76mm M1A1 - the same main gun used on the M4A3(76).  The downside is that it is extremely vulnerable to enemy fire with its open top turret and thin armor.  The smart player will avoid slugging it out with tanks and instead use speed and cover to outflank and ambush its opponents.


Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

m18 hellcat soon release on Aces High combat flight simulatorm18 tank destroyer coming soon to aces high flight sim game

m18 hellcat tank destroyer coming soon to aces high ww2 flight simulatorm18 gmc gun motor carriage screenshot on aces high flight sim game

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