/*************************Version 3.0 Patch 3 ********************/
1. Fixed a film viewer issue where the ahf file extension was not being associated correctly.

2. Changed the default field of view (FOV) from 80 to 90.

3. Fixed a vehicle collision issue giving the ability to drive through some objects.

4. Fixed an issue which would generate "Events" not stopping when the game was minimized.

5. Wind sound should be working again.

6. Adjusted the head bounding shape in the p51d.

7. Upgraded FMOD from 1.08.09 to 1.08.12 fmod api (There is one CTD which was caused by fmod. This may fix it).

8. Fixed some gauge Z fight flickers in the TU2S and B26B.

9. Fixed a visual issue with the message window channel selection dialog.

Flight Sim Screen Shots