Release Date: October 4, 2016

1. Fixed an issue with some small transparent holes, in some objects.

2. Made the map room ICON bigger.

3. If a CTD happens Aces High III should now create a "dmp" file in the Aces High III "temp" folder.
   If you have a CTD please zip the file up and send it to us. You can post a ZIP file in the bug
   report forums of our bulletin board.

4. Made a change to how the RPM governor works, with speed changes.

5. Moved the XBox controller display, in VR mode, to the left of the clipboard.

6. Fixed a GUI issue that displayed "Tracer change will take effect next flight" when moving the HUD alpha sliders.

7. Fixed a VR issue where the GUI windows were too small.

8. Changed the range at which you can adjust the GUI sphere.

9. Upgraded Oculus Rift drivers to version 1.8.

10. You can now exit at the extra huge air filed spawn point safely

11. Moved the default clipboard position in VR a little farther away.

Flight Sim Screen Shots